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I have always loved to learn. I was one of those crazy kids who loved school. (expect for tests and group projects. Who likes those…) But since I have graduated with my bachelors, I feel as if I haven’t taken time to learn anything new. So I am going to be making a real effort to learn two things that I have always wanted to become proficient in.

  • Photography. I have always been so envious of people who take amazing pictures. And since we have a really nice camera, its time I learn how to use it.
  • Learn a second language. I have always loved hearing people speak in foreign languages. I however have not been blessed with the gift of speaking other languages easily. (In high school my teach would always call me the Gringo of the class) But since I have no test to worry about, it seems like the perfect time. We have a program to teach us German so soon I will know more then how to say Good Morning.  

I am excited to see how this goes. I feel kinda like a nerd with how excited I am to learn something new. Fingers cross that I can learn these two things on my own. Anything is possible right?

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