Yellow Bath time

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What is Yellow bath time you may ask?

Why its the time I put all things yellow in with Emma as she takes a bath. Best part about it, I let Emma paint herself and everything else in the tub yellow.  She absolutely loved it. And I loved it because it was super Fun and Easy to clean up. I know she is a bit young to learn and remember her colors. But I figure, what the heck, start her off young. I think tomorrow we might just have a pink bath time.

Bath time Paint

Baby Powder
Baby Soap
Food Coloring

Basically its 3 parts baby powder to 1 part baby soap. If the consistency is not liquidy enough for you, just add water until its perfect. Then choose a color from your food coloring stash. Squirt a few drops in and ta da. Baby Friendly paint. This kept Emma entertain for quiet some time. And to clean all you have to do it rinse it all off. Like I said clean up is easy peasy.



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