Walking in Sunshine… and Wind

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Adventures Emma Photography

Today Emma and I went on a little adventure. I have been wanting to go on a walk to the park nearby and today was the day. Of course I choose the day that it was windy to go. Luckily Emma loves cool air and wind. She was all smiles on our journey. It was a beautiful day though. As much as I say that I miss Idaho, I do enjoy the sunshine and the warmth here. Emma and I had a lot of fun though. We got to swing on the swings, and people watch. Which is some of her favorite things to do. We also got to work on Emma’s Valentines Day present to her Daddy. She is so smart coming up with gift ideas and all. I will give you a hint… it involves cute pictures of her.
But since it is a secret… here is a peek of her little photo shoot 

Emma just can’t wait to show you all of her cute smiles and pictures next week!


  1. Niken says:

    reading this make me smile,,

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