Two Weeks!

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Two Weeks! Well technically one week and five days until my due date, but who is counting.


I can’t believe that we will soon have a baby girl in our arms. Time has gone by so fast! I simply can’t wait to meet this little munchkin. I am not sure who is more excited, me, Emma, or Jake. Any time Emma sees something for the baby, she get super excited and exclaims “for baby sister!


Heart&Emma2Edited Emma&belly3Edited

I have to admit that I have been nesting like crazy. But everything is just about ready. Now it is just the waiting game. Oh, if only I can learn patience hahaha! To celebrate the baby coming, we decided to have a mini photo shoot. I love that my husband is so talented and was able to take the pictures for us.


EmilyColor2Edited JakemainEdited Familyedited




Can I just say that i love my little family! They just make me so happy.

Belly FrameColorEditedJake&EmilyColorEdited

Baby girl, please come soon! Your little family is so excited for you!

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  1. marci says:

    these turned out so cute! so excited to meet baby girl!

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