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My Adventure Part 2

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After a week of Idaho fun, it was time to head back to good ol' California. Since we are cray, we practically went straight from the airport to my In-Laws house. We stopped at our place only to change out presents.

Emma is just too cute!

Oh just waiting in the airport...

and waiting... and a little playing :)

We were so excited to see Jakes side of the family. Especially those who live so far away. (Seriously Texas is way too far). Emma had so much fun playing with her little cousins. One of her cousins is only three weeks younger then her and they had to much fun playing in the floor with each other. They kept on trying to steal each others toys :) We had a blast counting down until Christmas. We played games, watched movies, ate tons of sweets, stayed up super late talking, played Mario Cart (I am the champion at their house... at least against the people I played :), went to church, and of course did a little shopping. 
At last Christmas day came. Now that I am older my favorite part about Christmas day is watching the kids see the presents under the tree and watching everyone open their gifts. It was so cute seeing my little niece, Riley, come down the stairs and be in total shock over all that santa brought. 
This Christmas was also exciting because it was Emma's very first one. As I watched her discover and look through her stocking with her Daddy, I became so thankful that I am her Mom. Emma loved opening all her gifts, but her favorite part was the paper. She couldn't get enough of that stuff. Next year I am seriously thinking about not making/ buying her anything and just giving her paper and empty boxes lol! 

game night with the Honsvicks

Riley loved taking pictures with Emma

Uncle Jared loved to call Emma "Fluffy"

Emma got a package from Santa on Christmas Eve. It came with a cute little not and a book just for her.

Riley just knew that Santa wanted a PB&J sandwich along with his cookies :)

Emma loved the Christmas lights

Santa Came!

Emma and Sydney's favorite toy to play with together. 

My Adventure Part 1

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Adventures Christmas Emma Family Husband Life travel

After a month of crazy adventures I am finally back. Ever since a couple of weeks before Christmas, my little family and I have been on the go, visiting family and having fun. So, even though it is the middle of January I am going to take the next couple of days to share with you our fun times.
Our adventure started super early on December 15th. We woke Emma up at three in the morning and headed off to the airport to catch a plane to Idaho. We were so excited to see my family and to see a little bit of snow. Emma was such a trooper that day. She absolutely loved the plane ride. It was so funny watching her expressions as she took in her surroundings. Soon we made it to Idaho and the real fun began.   Our week was filled with amazing food (I think I ate too much), visiting our old Bishop and friends, spending time with family, playing games, making cookies (did I mention I ate way too much :), introducing my dad to the movie Thor, playng with my Sister and Brother-in-law's new I Mac (Jealous I am), drinking the best chocolate milk ever (Reeds Dairy, you have got to try it), opening Christmas Presents, going to the temple, and so much more. But my favorite part about the trip as visiting my wonderful family and watching my nieces and nephew play with Emma. I just love being with them all. We have too much fun. Here is a little peek into what that week was like.

Jake spent the first few days attempting to win little Jilli's heart. He finally won when he whipped out his IPad. It amazing what a little technology can do. 

Little Jilli Beans just love Emma and her Aunt Emily. When asked if she was Granny's Girl (which she normally is) she would promptly shake her head no and say she was Emily's girl.  I loved it!

Emma lOVED jaxon. I think she could stare and play with him all day

Emma's super cool new hat. Thanks Katie and Mark!

Jilli loved to fly on Crazy Uncle Mark

Reeds Dairy Chocolate Milk is seriously the best I have ever had. It must be the potato flakes, who would have thought

What started out as decoration soon turned into a headband for Katie...

Jilli and Sammie both thought it was too cool and they just had to copy

I just love the Rexburg Idaho Temple. I miss seeing it everyday, so beautiful!

Homemade mint brownies (THanks Sarah!) Reeds Chocolate Milk, and Cookie dough ice cream =

One of the best Milk Shakes ever!

Cookie Making time

The dough was just too good to resist. 

Emma discovered how fun it is to ride on Daddy's shoulders 

These boys were too funny. They were playing around and pretending to be asleep to trick people. It was pretty cute though.

I just love my husband :) 

After a night of visiting friends LIttle Miss Emma was pretty tuckered out. This is what she looked like when we got home. 

Emma amazed with Holly and just wanted to follow her around. 

Cuddle time

Wherever Emma was these three wanted to be. I just loved seeing them play with her.

Playing games with my family is always entertaining and fun

That week with my family went by too fast but more fun was to be had in California...

Life is bliss ~ day 21

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Today I am thankful for planes . They give us the ability to go and travel and to see family/friends that are far away. Far away as in Idaho... next month! Thats right people, this girl is going to Idaho next month! With Jake and Emma, which is even better. I still can't believe that we are actually flying to Idaho for a few days. In fact I think I need to say it again... WE ARE GOING TO IDAHO. So excited! Thanks Mom and Dad you are the best. (And thank you to dads work for making him fly practically every week for work so we can use his flyer miles :) Best. CHristmas. Present. Ever. What more can a girl ask for except to see pretty much all her family over a course of a month. Yes, I do think it is going to be an amazing month.

DC Happenings

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So much has been going on while we have been here in DC. And while I still like the west coast a little better, the east coast has actually been really fun. Definitely a grand adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything. Form riding on the metro for the very first time, going to the DC temple, and just exploring the city, we have been having a great time. Let me fill you in on what we have been up to...

One of the first things we did of course was go around DC. We went through some Museums, saw the monuments, the white house, the ford theater, Arlington Cemetery, and explored CHINA TOWN! China Town had some of the best Chinese food I have ever had! SO GOOD! We had tons of fun though exploring the city. There is really so much to see here.

Jake and I descovered the cutest little town called Occoquan. It was so fun exploring the town. There were bunch of little shops that we were able to go into and explore. There was even a fudge shop that made really good fudge. (You can't take me into a fudge shop without me a least trying a piece :) Jake and I even found this little rug shop. The owner is a amazing at selling rugs. He almost got me and Jake to buy one. But it was still fun to look around and dream.

Our next Grand Adventure took us to good ol' Philly. We went for a weekend to visit my Brother Michael and his family. Such a fun trip. While we were there we went and toured around Valley Forge. It was really cool to learn about how the soldiers lived and to see what the doctors did to those who were injured. That Sunday right before we left. Anne made me a birthday Cake and everyone sang me Happy Birthday. (I had turned 20 a couple days before) It was sure funny to hear the girls sing. Each one of them were trying to be louder then the other.

That next week I got to go with Jake to my very first baseball game. So fun! Both teams were really bad though, so Jake and I picked different teams to route for. Can I just say that my team won :) The score ended up being 2 to 1 it all came down to the final minutes to determine the winner. Although the teams weren't the best, it didn't matter. With a hot dog in one hand, my husband at my side, I had the greatest time.

For my birthday Jake took me to go and see the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It felt so good to be back there. Jake had not seen any of the church sights before so we went around to the Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith homestead, the Granden Press, and of course the Hill Cumorah. Jake and I decided that the Sacred Grove was our favorite thing to walk through. Everything is just so amazing to see. Everywhere you go the spirit is there. They were all very special places. That night we saw the Pageant. The cast did so good! It was really neat to see it again. I absolutely love it at the Hill. I hope I will be able to come back someday and see it again.

This past weekend Jake and I ended up exploring Old Alexandria. It is a place full of cool shops and really expensive Restaurants. We ended up going into a small furniture store and fell in love with many pieces that we saw. Oh how we do love to dream. We then ran into a guy who had set up a whole bunch of glasses full of water on a table. Once a crowed had gathered he proceeded to "tune the glasses". He would rub his fingers on the edge of the glass and depending on the pitch he would add water. It was truly amazing to see him tune so many glasses. He then started playing several songs. It was so cool to see! After that we decided we were hungry but instead of being brave and trying a whole bunch of Ethnic food (Thats mainly what kind of restaurants that were there) We grab some chinese take out and went home to have a picnic in the family room. Its probably a good thing I don't live here in Springfield permanently because I think I would get fat off of Chinese Food. It is just SO GOOD! While we were eating our amazingly good food, we discovered a show called Cake Boss. I have now found a new favorite show. That guy who is the Boss is simply amazing with cakes. I once saw him make a life size nascar out of cake. It looked like the real thing. It was crazy. Just watching the show made me want to go to New York just so I could eat some of his cake.

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