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Everyday we are faced with choices. Choices like what we are going to wear, what we are going to eat, all the way to what we are going to do during the day and how we should parent. Lately life seems to be so full of chocies that I just wanted to snuggle up in my couch, pretend I am a kid again, and do absolutely nothing. Haha, sadly life doesn't really work like that.

Too often I get caught up in being Super Mom. I think that I should be able to do everything and be everywhere. I am so afraid to say no and admit that there is something that I can't do. Oh, you would think that I would learn. I do have so many goals and dreams for me and my little family, but I need to remember that I don't have to do everything all at once. I have to make a choice, either I can run my family around and try to be super mom, or I can just do my best and be a super mom in the eyes of my children. I am trying really hard to do the later.

"As you create a home, don't get distracted with a lot of things that have no meaning for you or your family. Don't dwell on your failures, but think about your successes. Have joy in your home. Have joy in your children. Have joy in your husband. Be grateful
for the journey."

-Marjorie Pay Hinckley

So I am trying to be better. I am trying to make the right choices for my family. Choices that keeps me involved, keeps me progressing, keeps me being a good wife, and keeps me being the best mom that I can be.

So I am still going to craft, still like Pinterest way too much, still get together with friends, still go to the Library, still work, still laugh, still cuddle and read, still be me.

But I think I am finally figuring out that there really is moderation in all things. So here is to taking life just a little bit slower. Enjoying my children's smiles and little bit more, and making sure cuddle time is on our to do list everyday. And enjoying the little moments that happen each and everyday!

(Have I mentioned I love being a mom?... Best. Job. Ever)


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November is here and it is the time of year that everyone recalls all that they are thankful for. The past few months have been so busy getting ready for our baby girl, that sadly I have focused more on what projects need to get done and less on the amazing tender mercies that I see every day in my life. I have so much to be grateful for its crazy. So today I decided instead of figuring out what project to work on next, I decided to take some time to write about a few things that I am thankful for. 1. I am thankful for a healthy baby girl that will be in my arms soon. A lot of people know, but most do not, I had some minor complications early on in my pregnancy. Almost as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I felt uneasy. Like I was waiting for a ticking time bomb or something. I just felt that something bad was going to happen.IMG_6953 I remember going to my husband near tears, I was so worried, and nothing had even happen yet. Anyways, after talking about it I ask for a Priesthood blessing. It is such an amazing blessing to be married to an amazing husband who holds the Priesthood! In the blessing, he talked about how there would be trials in this pregnancy but it will turn out alright in the end. I felt a little better and went on with my daily life. My life at that time was anything but calm. Haha! I was planning a baby shower, choreographing a dance for a church activity and performing in it, and choreographing for a youth dance festival, just to name a few things. Well my luck caught up to me. And not only was I starting to cramp, but I was starting to bleed a little. I was promptly put on what I like to call "house arrest" and was told I couldn't lift Emma. Luckily for me I had amazing support of family and friends. They all helped me so much in taking care of Emma. Two weeks later I was finally told I could go back to light activities, but that I would have to take it easy. Easier said then done lol! But my complications slowly went away and I am feeling great. Not only that, but the baby is healthy and loves to move around and dance inside me to prove it. I am so thankful that nothing worse came out of this experience! It made me become so much more thankful for a healthy body and a healthy pregnancy! Now I only have to wait a couple more weeks until I meet this little munchkin, and I can hardly wait. 2. I am thankful for a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband. I really can't say enough about Jake. He really is my my best friend! I just love him. He makes me laugh when I am feeling down. He talks me out of working my self to death and stressing about things that don't matter. Recently his favorite thing to tell me is to not worry about all the projects I want to get done, but to just worry about growing a baby. It is so nice to know that our little family comes first to him. We are perfect for each other. Everyday I am thankful that I said "yes" to him. Life would be so boring with out Jake around. As everyone in my ward now knows, he is perfect! At least to me :) image 3. I am thankful for our cute new home. This past September we moved. We said goodbye to our friends and our little apartment and moved into a new town where Jake works and found a little duplex to rent. And can I just say, I love it here. Our place is so much bigger then our last, and we have a backyard! I think that the backyard is my Emma's favorite thing. Not only is it nicer then our last place, but it feels like home. We have met so many amazing people here! I just love where I am at. Good friends, a good home, close to Jakes work, what more can a girl ask for. 4. I am thankful for Fall Fall is my absolute favorite season! The trees change colors, Air turns a little cooler. Scarfs get to become a staple in my closet again. Pumpkins and apples are everywhere. And the world is just beautiful. I love finding trees that are turing bright orange, pink, yellow, and red all at once. They are my favorite. Emma is starting to become more and more excited about fall as well. Whenever we are out it is her goal to find pink trees. It makes me so happy when I see her get so excited over a fall tree. IMG_7553  IMG_7447IMG_1328 5. I am thankful for EmmaIMG_7540 My little Miss Emma makes me so happy! I am so thankful that I get to spend everyday with her. I get to watch her learn her learn and grow everyday. She is so stinking funny too that there is never a dull moment. She gives the best hugs and kisses and is such a good little helper. I tell her almost daily to never grow up and change. Sadly she never listens. But that is okay, because each day is more fun then the last. And I am so glad that I am the one who gets to be her Mom.   I could go on and on with all that I am thankful for; family, friends, the Gosple, FHE, listening to Emma say prayers, dancing, singing, our little piano, food to eat, warm clothes, gifts that we have received, peaceful music, talents that I have been given, knowing that my family is forever, watching Emma play with her little friends, hearing Emma laugh, a husband who can build and fix pretty much anything.... like I said I could go on and on. All I know is that I am just so thankful for that life that I have. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Scattered Thoughts on a Friday

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I finally have a moment to sit down. It has been a crazy morning! Super fun, but crazy. I have been pushing my body to its limit with all the dancing and exercise I am forcing it to do. While it feels good to push myself hard again, I am sure beat. For once I am thankful that it is nap time and I can rest for just a bit. While I have been dancing I started to think about the dance "Brave" that I am choreographing. My train of thought went quickly to how I have to talk to all the youth in a few weeks and get them excited for the big Dance Festival. As I pondered what words I might say to them, my thoughts went back in time to when I was in High School. It seems like it was just yesterday and granted it wasn't that long ago. Just over five years ago I walked the halls of my High School that was full of  wonderful, stressful, difficult, exciting challenges. Part of me wishes that I can go back and talk some sense into my stubborn self. But the lessons that I learned then helped shape me into who I am today. So I decided what I want to help the youth to see and know is what I would tell own high school self, if I could go back in time five years ago. Which is this:  

I know that you are strong. While you may doubt that for a time, I know that you are strong. This is the time when you will figure out who you are and where you stand. It is so easy to let the pressures of fellow students get to you and turn you into someone that you may not want to be. There will come a time when you will have to choose if you want to be who your Heavenly Father wants you to be or who your friends want you to be. I hope that you choose to be what God wants you to be. I faced that same decision during my sophomore year. So many friends were trying to get me to do things that I wasn't comfortable with. One time many of my "friends" enclosed me in a circle and tried to get me to say the F word. Now I don't cuss, not only does our church council us against it but it was against my own standards that I had set for myself as well. My friends knew that, but that didn't stop them from trying to change me. The kept pressuring me and repeating the F word over and over. I hate to admit it, but I almost said it. I could feel the word at the tip of my tongue. I just wanted them to stop. But then one friend stepped up and told them to leave me alone and then she looked at me and told me to never do what I don't want to do. That one friend was the only one who stood up for me. While her and I were never extremely close, I respected her and trusted her. I learned something from her that day. I learned that I need to be brave and stand up for who I am. Junior year I made several new friends and hung out with different people. Those people who were constantly trying to change me stopped. They learned that I am strong and I am brave and they can not change who I want to become.

I know that you are amazing. Too often we only focus on our flaws. But each and everyone of us are amazing inside and out. Once you realize that, you will be stronger and achieve more then you ever thought imaginable. Do not compare yourself to others. What you see is only one side of the story. You do not see the tears, the frustrations, the doubts, the heartache that every single person feels. Chances are people are watching you and are wishing they were more like you. Embrace who you are and the wonderful talents you have been given. Life would be boring if we were all the same so be happy being you.

Never give up and keep smiling. Always look for the good in situations and in people. And most importantly build people up and do not tear them down. There was a lady that I knew growing up who never said a bad word about anyone. She was amazing and so fun to be around. I knew that I wanted to be like her, always seeing the good in whatever life deals you and always building people up. It has been my goal ever since I was a young girl. I must say it has helped me forgive easier and to ask forgiveness quicker.

Last and most importantly, always know that you are loved and that you are never alone. You have a loving Heavenly Father who loves you so much. He wants the best for you and he is always there to help you. If you ever feel that no one will understand what you are going through just remember our Savior felt and experienced everything you are going through. He will help you through. If you just pray sincerely for help, you will feel light even in the darkest of times.

So be Brave. Be Strong. Be Amazing. Be Happy. And be You

    So many scattered thoughts, but nap time is just about up which means... Play Time! So excited to play with my little girl soon. I am sure that we will have some awesome adventures. I wonder what we will do....

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