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Elizabeth Clara Honsvick

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Elizabeth Photography

It's by time we introduce our beautiful daughter to the world.

Miss Elizabeth Clara Honsvick

(aka. Lizzy or Liza depending who you ask ; )

Emmaopeningdoor Emma&Lizzyatdoor Emma&Lizzyatdoor2

Born December 1st, 7:33pm weighing 8.5


She was and is absolutely perfect!

Lizzyhandholding Lizzybum LizzyRingtoes

So get ready for a overload of pictures to come. They have been long overdue!



Two Weeks!

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Photography Pregnancy

Two Weeks! Well technically one week and five days until my due date, but who is counting. Heartedited I can't believe that we will soon have a baby girl in our arms. Time has gone by so fast! I simply can't wait to meet this little munchkin. I am not sure who is more excited, me, Emma, or Jake. Any time Emma sees something for the baby, she get super excited and exclaims "for baby sister! Emily&EmmaPokingedited Heart&Emma2Edited¬†Emma&belly3Edited I have to admit that I have been nesting like crazy. But everything is just about ready. Now it is just the waiting game. Oh, if only I can learn patience hahaha! To celebrate the baby coming, we decided to have a mini photo shoot. I love that my husband is so talented and was able to take the pictures for us. EmilymainColor2 EmilyColor2Edited JakemainEdited Familyedited       Can I just say that i love my little family! They just make me so happy. Belly FrameColorEditedJake&EmilyColorEdited Baby girl, please come soon! Your little family is so excited for you!

My valentine idea

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Valentine Ideas

Valentines day was such a good day. Heres what happened... Jake was at school until 8pm and I was off nannying until about 6pm (they let me go early :) At first I was kinda bummed that we wouldn't see each other until super late. But I decided to make the most of it.
Emma and I decided to write letters to Jake for him to read throughout the day. He ended up getting 10 letters which he was able to open at the beginning of each hour. Emma had so much fun making her Valentine. She even got to use crayons for the first time!
Emma also went on a photo shoot (okay so we just went to they park and took pictures). We turned the pictures into a little collage for Jake to have at school.
Then since my work let me off early, Emma and I hurried home to make Jake a  surprise dinner. We had chicken stuffed with bacon and cheese, pasta salad, rice, a medley of vegetables, and for dessert pink chocolate chip cookies. Jake was so surprised. He loved it all.
To top it off we danced in the kitchen (one of my favorite things to do with him) and had a movie night.
It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Valentine to spend the evening with. I am so glad that I have forever to spend with my husband!

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