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Life is to be enjoyed

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Oh my goodness, life has definitely been an adventure lately. The past several weeks have been filled with great joy and great disappointments. Just to name a few examples, we have found out that my sister and her husband are officially adopting (happy dance time!!!) And we get to meet the birth mom really soon, I can't wait!!! My other sister is pregnant with a BOY!!! Lets just say this is huge news since we have mainly nieces lol! We have also found out that Jake's Grandpa is not doing very good at all and only has a short time left here on earth. We have also learned that we can plan and scheme all we want for our future, but sometimes we are wrong and God knows better. But isn't it an amazing thing to know that if we just follow in faith, Heavenly Father will lead us to where we need to go, even if it is not necessarily our dream plan. Its such a blessing and comfort to know that God has something bigger and better planned for us.

After dealing with so many up and down emotions for so long I decided that Jake and I needed a break. So I took him on a surprise date. Thank goodness it was one of my better dates lol!

Side Note: I can plan a killer at home date. Seriously, we have gone camping, had  game nights, danced, and lots of fondue and have done several other crazy things at home... but lets just say my track recored of planning a date out on the town could be improved hahah.

Thank goodness our go to baby sitter was available last minute. She brought her sister with her to join the fun and can I just say they are amazing and my girls love them so much!

"Love is meant

to be

an adventure."

-Gorden B. Hinckley

So to start our date off we headed down to downtown Provo. It is such a fun place to go and walk around and explore. We ended up trying our very first Kronut (It really is delicious!)

Then after exploring all the random shops... and I mean random lol!... we headed down to a Restaurant called Bom Bay House. Its this really nice Indian Restaurant. And guys, it was so good!!! I have never really had Indian food before and when I ordered I had no idea what I was getting, or how to pronounce it hahah. But whatever I ordered was simply delicious and full of yummy flavors. I think I need to learn how to make Indian food now....

Anyways after stuffing ourselves full of food we ended the night going to Iceberg and getting these ginormous shakes (but really they are huge!!! Just get the mini, its like the same size as the large. You won't regret it!) and the we went home to sleeping kiddos and had a Physic Marathon.

So our date wasn't super fancy or crazy, ut it was just what we needed and perfect for us. It was so fun to wonder around following our noise and trying whatever we wanted. The only thing I wish is that I snapped some pictures of us. We ended up leaving my phone with the baby sitters. And Jake was pretty excited that he didn't have to wait to eat his food until I took a picture of it ;)

Our fun didn't end there either. On Saturday we continued the fun and had a family day out. Have you ever been to a Rugby game? If you haven't you need to put it on your bucket list. It is so crazy to watch. They are tackling one minute, in a huge huddle the next, jumping up super high, and steamrolling over people the next. I think it has become my new favorite sport to watch haha. Now just to figure out the rules and what everything is called.

What was super helpful was there was a family behind us that loved to comment on everything the entire game. I'll be honestly, normally it wouldn't have been my favorite thing in the world, but this time I was like, keep on talking. Tell me whats going on or why that just happend. And did you know that our team is ranked #1? Thats right, we are champions! Go Cougars!!!

So after a much needed fun weekend, I am ready to tackle this week. Bring the crazy adventures, the ups and downs! I know that with my family at my side and with God in the lead I can face anything that come our way. Especially when there are so many moments of joy and laughter along the way.

"Life is to be enjoyed

and not just endured."

-Gorden B. Hinkley

Big Changes

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Big changes are happening around here. Life is certainly about to get more interesting! After 3 and a half years we are officially saying goodbye to California and moving to.... BYU Icon Thats right! We are going back to school. And by we, I mean Jake. We are so excited to take this next step and have Jake get his MBA. This is going to be our first time living in Provo and we are so excited! With family and old friends living close by it is guaranteed to be a good time! So if you see a place to rent think of us ;) While we looking forward to the big changes, it is definitely bittersweet. We have had so much fun in California. We have loved being close to Jake's family and a couple of my family members. We have met so many amazing people out here that it will be sad to say goodbye. But I know that there are adventures waiting for us in this next chapter of our life. Now I have to take a minute and just brag about my husband. Jacob.Honsvick.Print.003 He is just simply amazing. He has worked so hard to get here and pulled many long hours. But throughout it all, he has made sure to keep our family his number one priority. I am just so proud of him and so grateful to have him as my husband. So here to two years of craziness ahead of us. There is no place else I would rather be.


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November is here and it is the time of year that everyone recalls all that they are thankful for. The past few months have been so busy getting ready for our baby girl, that sadly I have focused more on what projects need to get done and less on the amazing tender mercies that I see every day in my life. I have so much to be grateful for its crazy. So today I decided instead of figuring out what project to work on next, I decided to take some time to write about a few things that I am thankful for. 1. I am thankful for a healthy baby girl that will be in my arms soon. A lot of people know, but most do not, I had some minor complications early on in my pregnancy. Almost as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I felt uneasy. Like I was waiting for a ticking time bomb or something. I just felt that something bad was going to happen.IMG_6953 I remember going to my husband near tears, I was so worried, and nothing had even happen yet. Anyways, after talking about it I ask for a Priesthood blessing. It is such an amazing blessing to be married to an amazing husband who holds the Priesthood! In the blessing, he talked about how there would be trials in this pregnancy but it will turn out alright in the end. I felt a little better and went on with my daily life. My life at that time was anything but calm. Haha! I was planning a baby shower, choreographing a dance for a church activity and performing in it, and choreographing for a youth dance festival, just to name a few things. Well my luck caught up to me. And not only was I starting to cramp, but I was starting to bleed a little. I was promptly put on what I like to call "house arrest" and was told I couldn't lift Emma. Luckily for me I had amazing support of family and friends. They all helped me so much in taking care of Emma. Two weeks later I was finally told I could go back to light activities, but that I would have to take it easy. Easier said then done lol! But my complications slowly went away and I am feeling great. Not only that, but the baby is healthy and loves to move around and dance inside me to prove it. I am so thankful that nothing worse came out of this experience! It made me become so much more thankful for a healthy body and a healthy pregnancy! Now I only have to wait a couple more weeks until I meet this little munchkin, and I can hardly wait. 2. I am thankful for a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband. I really can't say enough about Jake. He really is my my best friend! I just love him. He makes me laugh when I am feeling down. He talks me out of working my self to death and stressing about things that don't matter. Recently his favorite thing to tell me is to not worry about all the projects I want to get done, but to just worry about growing a baby. It is so nice to know that our little family comes first to him. We are perfect for each other. Everyday I am thankful that I said "yes" to him. Life would be so boring with out Jake around. As everyone in my ward now knows, he is perfect! At least to me :) image 3. I am thankful for our cute new home. This past September we moved. We said goodbye to our friends and our little apartment and moved into a new town where Jake works and found a little duplex to rent. And can I just say, I love it here. Our place is so much bigger then our last, and we have a backyard! I think that the backyard is my Emma's favorite thing. Not only is it nicer then our last place, but it feels like home. We have met so many amazing people here! I just love where I am at. Good friends, a good home, close to Jakes work, what more can a girl ask for. 4. I am thankful for Fall Fall is my absolute favorite season! The trees change colors, Air turns a little cooler. Scarfs get to become a staple in my closet again. Pumpkins and apples are everywhere. And the world is just beautiful. I love finding trees that are turing bright orange, pink, yellow, and red all at once. They are my favorite. Emma is starting to become more and more excited about fall as well. Whenever we are out it is her goal to find pink trees. It makes me so happy when I see her get so excited over a fall tree. IMG_7553  IMG_7447IMG_1328 5. I am thankful for EmmaIMG_7540 My little Miss Emma makes me so happy! I am so thankful that I get to spend everyday with her. I get to watch her learn her learn and grow everyday. She is so stinking funny too that there is never a dull moment. She gives the best hugs and kisses and is such a good little helper. I tell her almost daily to never grow up and change. Sadly she never listens. But that is okay, because each day is more fun then the last. And I am so glad that I am the one who gets to be her Mom.   I could go on and on with all that I am thankful for; family, friends, the Gosple, FHE, listening to Emma say prayers, dancing, singing, our little piano, food to eat, warm clothes, gifts that we have received, peaceful music, talents that I have been given, knowing that my family is forever, watching Emma play with her little friends, hearing Emma laugh, a husband who can build and fix pretty much anything.... like I said I could go on and on. All I know is that I am just so thankful for that life that I have. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

My valentine idea

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Valentine Ideas

Valentines day was such a good day. Heres what happened... Jake was at school until 8pm and I was off nannying until about 6pm (they let me go early :) At first I was kinda bummed that we wouldn't see each other until super late. But I decided to make the most of it.
Emma and I decided to write letters to Jake for him to read throughout the day. He ended up getting 10 letters which he was able to open at the beginning of each hour. Emma had so much fun making her Valentine. She even got to use crayons for the first time!
Emma also went on a photo shoot (okay so we just went to they park and took pictures). We turned the pictures into a little collage for Jake to have at school.
Then since my work let me off early, Emma and I hurried home to make Jake a  surprise dinner. We had chicken stuffed with bacon and cheese, pasta salad, rice, a medley of vegetables, and for dessert pink chocolate chip cookies. Jake was so surprised. He loved it all.
To top it off we danced in the kitchen (one of my favorite things to do with him) and had a movie night.
It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Valentine to spend the evening with. I am so glad that I have forever to spend with my husband!

The Need to Create

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As you may know, I love to make things. I love coming up with an idea and see it come together. Wither it is a hutch that I am redoing, a sign for Emma's room, or making presents, I love it all. I always seem to have the desire to make something especially when I can't just go and buy the object that inspired me in the first place. I then spend all day thinking about how I can make _ that I saw at the store. Jake usually just thinks I am cute as I try my hand in a little bit of everything. So now that you have a little insight into my craziness, I have a story for you... Now that Thanksgiving is over I can finish decorating for Christmas! I was so excited to finally go out and look for a Christmas tree. We had been waiting until after Thanksgiving to get that last finishing touch. Jake and I had not decided if we were going to get a real or fake Christmas tree. We LOVE real Christmas trees, but living in an apartment and leaving town for a couple of weeks can make a real tree hard to manage. So off we went looking for our dream tree. We looked at fake ones at several different stores but we were not sold on any of them. I just kept on wondering where we would store it. Then the day after thanksgiving the Christmas tree stands finally open. Jake and I took a walk with Emma to go and look at them. Emma loved touching the different trees and exploring the tree lot. I can I say it smelt soooo good. I think the best part about Christmas trees is the smell :)

As we were looking around we found the perfect Christmas tree for us. It was a little shorter then me and the perfect shape. It smelt good and would definitely do a great job hold all our ornaments. We started to walk back home (where the car was. Jake for some reason didn't feel like carrying the tree 6 blocks lol). As we were walking we started to talk about getting the tree. As we talked it quickly went to "lets get the tree" to "I don't know if we should..." Have you ever added up the coast of something and then wish you had just bought the sucker without thinking about it? Well it was one of those moments. We were both kinda bummed. Jake mostly cause he was studying for a test for hours on end and just wanted to be done and decorate a tree. When we got back to our little home, we had not settled on getting the tree or not. Jake went back to studying and I started playing with Emma. Now here is when my creative bug started to kick in. I am super impatient and I wanted a Christmas tree. I knew that our budget was tight and a Christmas tree would be a splurge. So I decided something. I decided how cool of a situation we are in now. Since we are poor college students we can do whatever we want to make a tree and no one would care. It was our time just to have fun with the holiday and with life. Why not experiment and make a tree. Now you might be tilting your head right now saying "make a tree?" But thats right we made our Christmas tree. Without telling Jake what I was doing, Emma and I went for a walk. We found fallen tree branches and twigs that would create the perfect tree. I think we got some really strange looks in the process ;)
When we got back Jake just smiled, laughed, and thought it was the best idea ever. I think I scored brownie point in the wife department with him that day. We took the big branches and bound them together. I put in a few extra branches and Wa la the perfect Christmas tree.
It looked even cooler after we put lights and ornaments on it. I know that it is not the usual Christmas tree, but I think this is my favorite tree that we have had so far. I just love starring at it. It really turned out great. I am kinda tempted to keep our "tree" around for more then just Christmas. We will see though. All I know that this is going to be the best Christmas ever. It has already been amazing. The great thing about our Christmas tree is that it reminds me that Christmas is more then just pine trees and presents. It is about the birth of our Savior and love and blessing that abounded from that special night. We don't need anything fancy to celebrate. Jake and I just need our little family... and a little imagination :) I just love the Christmas season!

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