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Birthday Week Part 1

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birthday Emma

Can you believe it Emma is 3 years old! Where has time gone! It is crazy to look and back and see how much she has changed just in this past year. She is the sweetest, loving little girl I know... who also loves to go "Rrrroar" at you. She makes me laugh everyday and says the sweetest things to me. (The other day she gave me a big hug and told me she missed me, even though I was only away from her for a minute.)

To Celebrate our sweet Emma Jane's birthday we decided to keep it simple and fun... so we had a week long celebration hahaha!

We have been wanting to go check out Fairytale Town in our area for some time. So we figured why not for her birthday. We invited Emma's friend Jack and his family along for the fun. Jack (a.k.a Marci) was the best and got Emma some sunglasses her her birthday. She was obsessed! Haha it pretty much made her week.

Fairytale town was so much fun! It is pretty much like a glorified park. Each fairytale had a slide or animals, or play structure for the children. There was the crocked trail that went up and done and curved around. I think we followed the path at least 5 times. They even had the White Rabbits hole. The kiddos would race to slide down the hole then run back up to do it again. Jack little brother Phillip would often get trapped in the whole when all three of them would try to come down at the same time haha!

They even had a garden that the kids could go to and water the garden. Those poor plants! I have a feeling that Emma may have tried to drown them. She was just having to much fun using the watering can.

As we were leaving Fairytale Town, Emma came up to me and said "Mommy can I hold Jacks hand Please?" I then told her she had to ask Jack. So she promptly went over and said "Jack, hold your hand, Please?" Hahaha so we walked the rest of the way to the car with these two little friends holding hands the entire way. They crack me up so much. I just love how good of friends they are.

For lunch we asked Emma what she wanted to do. She surprised us all when she declared she wanted to go to Costco and have Samples. Not a Hot Dog, but Samples. LOL! I love how the simplest things make her happy. So of course we had to go to Costco and fulfill her wishes. That evening we had Pink pancakes for dinner. With Sprinkles! Best dinner ever hahaha! Emma was so excited. It is the only thing she has been asking for for her birthday. Then we packed up our bags and headed to Grama and Grampa's. When we got there they surprised us with a huge, yummy cake for Emma and Jake. (Jake's birthday is three days after Emma's) It was the perfect ending to the perfect birthday day!

The Perfect Fall Dinner

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I love fall and all that goes with it. In fact I count down until the cooler weather hits. Then I have an excused to cook all the soups that I want. Well yesterday was the perfect fall weather. The air was nice and crisp with just a slight breeze... well at first it was just a breeze until the crazy wind started happening. The trees around us were going crazy with the amount of wind whipping through the air. It was fun to watch the wind show from inside our cozy apartment. All the wind made me crave my one of my all time favorite fall dinners. Stuff Pepper soup, Grilled Ham and cheese sandwich, with apple cider. YUM! It seriously is the perfect fall dinner. Luckily today I am going to share the amazingness with you. It is a must try in your homes this fall! IMG_4085

The Perfect Fall Dinner:

Stuff Pepper Soup:

2 boxes (each 4.4 ounces) Long Grain Wild Rice 1 pound Ground Beef 1 large green pepper 1 medium size onion 1 jar, 26 ounce, chunky vegetable pasta sauce (Pretty much any pasta sauce will work, this one is just my favorite) 1 can (14 1/2 ounces) Italian diced tomatoes 1 can beef broth Here is what you do: Start cooking the rice as is directed on the box. While the rice is cooking cook the beef, green pepper, and onions until the meat is fully cooked. Mix in Pasta sauce, tomatoes, broth and cooked rice. Heat through and salt/ pepper to taste

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich:

4 slices of ham lunch meat two slices of bread (we used white but sourdough would be amazing!) Cheese slices Butter Mustard Ranch sauce (1 part mustard to 2 parts ranch mixed together. Its so good on sandwiches it just might change your life) Here is what you do: Fry up the ham in a pan. Once it is heated through and starts to crisp on the edges take out of pan and put it aside. Take the pieces of bread and butter both sides. Then place one layer of cheese in between to two pieces of bread. Put on pan and grill until the bottom piece of bread is golden brown. Then Flip As soon as you flip take the top piece of bread off  throw on the ham and Mustard Ranch sauce. Close back up the sandwich and cook until the bottom piece of bread is golden brown. Now it is read to serve. This soup and sandwich combo is the Perfect Fall dinner that you have to try. I already can't wait to have it again. One of the best things is that the soup makes a lot... which means leftovers for our little family, yum!    

Fall Is In The Air

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Adventures Life

Fall is in the air and I am in love. This is my absolute favorite time of year. I seriously count down until the first day of Fall so that I can whip out my scarfs, boots, and cute sweaters. Plus this means many adventures involving crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and lots of Hot Chocolate. What more can a girl ask for. But with Fall in the Air, it also brings many changes to my little family. First is that we our completely out of school. This past summer Jake was giving a couple of tests that he had to pass to continue his PHD program. He was able to pass one but not the other. We feel  good about this though. We both feel that this is the path that we are suppose to be on. We are growing and learning and becoming better people. We know that God has a plan for us and he will lead us where we are suppose to be, even if it is not  easiest or clearest path to take. So Jake is now looking for a full time job. We are excited, curious, nervous, and everything thing else you can think of about this new adventure laying before us. It is strange to think that we could go anywhere. With Jake looking for a job and not continuing his PHD our goals have changes significantly. Now we are aiming at working for a couple of years and then going back to school to get an MBA. We are dreaming and scheming about the new adventure ahead, but for now we are trying to be patient with the job hunt and enjoy spending so much time together as a family. And we have been having so much fun together as a family. Yesterday we were able to take Emma to her very first pumpkin patch. She was in Heaven, running around examining all the pumpkins, playing with the hay, and trying to convince us to take all the pumpkins home.... it almost worked too. Instead she got to take home her very own little pumpkin and one pumpkin that we can use to color and decorate. Here is a little peek into our adventure...


This was the pumpkin Emma originally wanted hahaha.

IMG_3868 IMG_3867 IMG_3866

IMG_3872 IMG_3873


IMG_3875 IMG_3876


IMG_3874 IMG_3878


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