Spring equals Easter Fun

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Easter Fun Activities

I am so excited that Spring is here. I love the nice fresh weather where I can spend my days outside exploring with Emma. One thing that I am looking forward to is Emma’s first Easter. I just love coming up with different ideas to celebrate the Holiday. While I can’t do everything that I dream about doing until she gets a little older, I thought I would share with you come fun Easter Ideas that you can do with your family. So for the next couple of weeks join me as we discover some fun ways to celebrate Easter with loved ones.

First on my list is a must for Easter…

Decorating Eggs of course!


How fun is it to dye Easter eggs with all sorts of designs and colors.

There are two ways that I love to decorate eggs the most.

Here is what you will need…

  • eggs
  • rubber band
  • crayons
  • color dye

First the rubber band eggs

  • Take your eggs ad wrap your rubber band on it. You can shift the band to make some cool designs.
  • Next dip the egg in the dye
  • Take the egg out and  pull the rubber band off and wala a crazy egg

Now for my favorite: The Crayon Egg

  • Pick a crayon to use and write/ draw anything you want to on the egg.
  • Next dip the egg in the dye
  • Pull the egg out and done.

I love putting little messages on the eggs this way. It is so fun to do his with kids and see what the come up with. My family made me this special egg a couple of years ago to say that they miss me. They are pretty silly.


I can’t wait until I can dye eggs with Emma! What are some of your favorite Easter Traditions?




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  1. JaNae Norman says:

    That is so awesome! I can’t wait until I have kids and I can do fun stuff like that with them. LOVE the new blog by the way!

    • Emily Honsvick says:

      You are going to love it! I just love thinking up different ideas to do with Emma!

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