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On the Mend

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Life for us is finally starting to get back to normal since the holidays. We are slowly on the mend after being sick for the past couple of weeks. At least we all got our sickness over at the same time. IMG_7848 IMG_1712 IMG_1722IMG_1675 Haha it made for some interesting days. With Emma having a double ear infection, all of us having a nasty head cold, and I having pink eye on top of that, it makes me even more thankful for my health... and for my hearing. Have plugged ears for a couple of weeks is no fun, let me tell you. But amongst the sickness I have loved cuddling with my girls. They just make me so happy! So here is to a healthy rest of the year. I am so ready to play again! IMG_7860 (Pictures were from our holiday vacation when we were all healthy ; )

Sick Days

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Emma Life sick

You know the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"... well it's not true. The sick bug has taken over our household, hopefully it wont stay to much longer.
It turned out that Emma had a ear infection on top of the RSV Cold. Thank goodness for modern day medicine. She is already starting to feel better. And can I say that I am a little bit jealous that she get bubble gum flavored medicine.. so much better then the cherry flavor. Even though she has been so sick she is the happiest little girl I know. Even her doctor was amazed that she was all smiles while she giggled and clapped for him. I am one lucky mama. Now to get rid of my head cold.

Here is to getting healthy...

Little Miss Emma

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Emma Life sick Thankful

Poor little Miss Emma has been sick for the past week. Its so sad to to see her uncomfortable and not be able to do much for her. Luckily she is starting to get a little bit better, Fingers crossed that she gets completely better in the next couple of days! Being sick has not slowed her down though. She is the happiest sick little girl that I have ever met. I just love her so much.
The past few weeks Emma has changed so much! She is crawling, following me around,  climbing, standing up, clapping, and babbling like crazy. I love being her Mom and seeing her learn and discover the world around her. Every day is a new adventure. And I am so glad that I get to share that adventure with her. 

A couple of her favorite things to do lately is to "help" me in the kitchen. As soon as she sees me heading for the kitchen, she will crawl right on over and watch me as I cook or bake. Every now and then I give her something to play with that I was using. I just love the big smiles I get when she is "helping" mom.
Emma's next favorite thing to do is to pull out all her books and "read" through them. She will turn the pages of a few of the board books or just shake the books in the air. Whenever we sit down and read books together she always squeals and claps her hands. It is seriously the cutest thing ever!

Here is little bit more of what Little Miss Emma has been up to. Oh how I just love my little girl! She is just too cute and fun :)

A new adventure for Miss Emma

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Adventures basketball Emma sick

We are all finally on the mend from being sick. Poor little Emma had a fever for a couple of days. I just hate when she is sick. I feel so helpless. All I can really do is love her and comfort her. Luckily she is pretty much all better now. If only jake and I would hurry up and get better too. I joke around with Jake that I got sick because I am dinging tomorrow (it's very rare for me to sing when I am not sick lol)
Although we have been fight done sickness, we have had some pretty fun adventures. Last week Emma got to go to her very first basketball game! I loved her reaction to it all. At first glance you would think that she was in awe over everything. Then you look down and she her gripping my arm as tight as she could. It was pretty cute. Overall I think she loved it! And the best part of all is I got to hang out with some friends of mine. We had fun cheering on our team/ my friends hubby. The only down side of the night was that we lost. They will get them next time though. And Emma will be there cheering them on!

Just life

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Life sick

Lately our house has been filled with sniffles galore. Hopefully we will all feel better soon. Until then I am gong to enjoy snuggling with my little girl and enjoy holding her as she finally succumbs to sleep.

Here is a picture of the only toy that makes Emma happy right now. I have to say, she has good taste.

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