Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye has never been easy, especially if it is someone you love dearly. A week ago yesterday I said the toughest goodbye yet. I said goodbye to my Grampa for the last time.

We had gotten the news earlier that week that my Grampa was not doing very good. He was in the hospital and it looked like he would not be coming home. What went from having a few months left, quickly turned into any day would be his last. Jake and I decided to make a last minute trip to see my Grampa and to have him meet Lizzy.
I will forever cherish the last moments I was able to spend with him. It was such a blessing to see him one last time. My Grampa died a few hours after I left him. I will miss him, but I know that I will see him again.

Until that day comes, I will think of him whenever I eat ice cream, play checkers, sing, or play a instrument (Grampa loved music) and eat sugary cereal :) I am so glad that he wrote down the stories that he use to tell us because now, whenever I miss him, I can go back and read what he wrote.

I love you Grampa! “may God be with you till we meet again”


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