“When we build our house upon him, the rains may descend, the floods may come, the winds may blow, but we will not fall.”

-Elder Robert D. Hales

The Wise Man and Foolish Man

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man have been a favorite scripture story around our home. So when we first started to do FHE, I knew that this is where I needed to start. I love how the story teaches children through simple imagery to build their faith and trust in God. If they do this, even when life gets difficult, everything will turn out for the better in the end.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Opening Song (We let our daughter pick the song so it all depends on what primary song is the favorite that day. Plus, it makes her feel so proud that she is a part of the program :)
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Announcements (A great time to let everyone know what is going on that week)
  4. Lesson/Activity
  5. Testimony (It is so important for your children to hear your testimony often)
  6. Closing Prayer
  7. Treat!

Lesson/Activity Details

Fun, easy, with little prep.

What you need:

  • Two small containers
  • Sand or dirt
  • water
  • Rocks
  • 2 empty toilet paper roll
  • crayons

Prep Time:

Before FHE set out two small containers. Fill one with dirt ( a little mound to set the toilet paper roll on) and the other with some medium/large rocks. I just looked around my yard to find what I needed.

Then I made sure I had two cups of water set aside along with some crayons and the toilet paper roll.

Now you are ready to go!

The Nitty Gritty:

Start off singing “The Wise Man and Foolish Man” song. If your child doesn’t know it now is the perfect time to teach them. And don’t forget the hand motions, that is what makes that song so much fun!

After singing the song make your own house by coloring the toilet paper roll.

Then we set the toilet paper roll on the rock. The rocks represented doing what is right, following Christ and putting our faith in him.

Next pour the water in and discover what happens to the “house”  (It shouldn’t move)

Now repeat the process in the dirt container. See what happens when you don’t follow Christ and put your faith in him. (the “house” should fall down)

Sing “The Wise Man and Foolish Man” song one more time and then bear your testimony.

Now everyones favorite part :) Treats!