Pillow Talk

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I love to talk, especially with my husband. But with Grad School and our busy schedules, it is sometimes hard to fit in a nice long conversation. That is why some of our craziest, sweetest, and random conversations happen as we are getting ready for bed. I love those uninterrupted moments where we can share our thoughts, struggles, questions, and triumphs.
The other night Jake randomly asked me if my life turned out how I expected it.
I laughed at this.
My life has not at all turned out how I expected and planned for it. if I was going off of My plans, I would be on a mission for my church at this very moment.
I was…
going to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
 I would have been a Navuoo Youth Missionary ( I was in the middle of applying for it when I was dating Jake).
I would have studied abroad for a semester, maybe even taught english in another country for a semester.
I was aiming to get my Child Life Specialist Certificate so that I could get my dream job.
I wanted to take more dance classes,
choreograph more musicals,
and like I said at the very beginning serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Oh yes my life was set and planned. But life changed its plans on me.

Instead I…
Met an amazing guy named Jacob Honsvick
Was in the Hill Cumoarh Pageant 

Dated my best friend

Learned what love meant
Went on many amazing and wonderful dates with this boy

Got engaged

Married my best friend in the Idaho Falls Temple

Took a road trip to see all the LDS CHurch History Sites
Moved to Washing to DC for a summer

Learn how to Country Dance
Choreographed for two musicals
Played with family

Discovered chop night
Taught a little kids dance class

Taught a Preschool class
Interned with a Occupational Therapist
Graduated BYU-Idaho with a Child Development Degree and dance Minor

Learned how to make everyday an adventure
Went extreme frisbee Golfing in the Snow
And welcomed the most wonderful little girl into our family

So to answer my dear husbands question. “No, life did not turn out how I expected…. it turned out even better.”


  1. JaNae Norman says:

    This made me smile. I think the same way. I thought that my life was going to end up somewhere totally different. But for me, it turns out that God had much better plans in mind.

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