PIcture Perfect

by Emily Honsvick 3 comments

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A little known fact about our little family is that we have almost no family pictures of us all. Sad, right?!

It is my goal/dream to hire someone to take our family pictures professionally. After Pintrest Stocking all kinds of family photo ideas, I am ready to plaster my walls with cute family portraits. Until that day comes our frames get to satisfy themselves with our attempts at photography. (One day I will master my camera, I just know it)

We only had about ten minuets to have a little photo shoot (gotta love being married to a Grad student :) But I love the Photos we got. For once we have a picture of my little family. Now I just need to get it up on my wall. 


  1. JaNae Norman says:

    One good looking family right there! I know what you mean about wanting professional pictures of your family up on your walls. That is my goal one day too. I should probably have at least one kid first…

  2. JaNae Norman says:

    By the way, I just wanted to say that your hair is beautiful!

  3. Heather Leigh says:

    Oh my goodness I feel you! My little girl was born in November and I feel as though we only have a few family portraits. And pinterest makes my desire for more portraits even worse! I love your blog. & you have a beautiful family. I look forward to following along! ;)

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