Perfect Beach Day

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A couple of weeks ago my sister and brother-in-law came to visit. To say we had a blast is a understatement! While they were here we of course just had to go to the beach. And of course if we are going to the beach we have to invite Jared and Kashari along. The weather was perfect. But, seriously, it was better weather then we sometimes have in the summer. Gotta love California.

We started the morning attempting our hand at crabbing and fishing. We ended up catching a couple of crabs. Which were delicious to eat, just saying… anyways while we were crabbing we were able to find a star fish and tons of little crabs walking around the rocks. It was so cool! Emma was even brave enough to touch a star fish once.


DSC_0191 IMG_2025 IMG_2008DSC_0217

There was this seal that was swimming around the jetty that we were on. He was our sworn enemy. All morning long he would dive at our crab pots trying to get either our bait or our crabs. Once he had a star off with Mark, haha, all because we took the crabs out of the water before he could get to them. Sadly that seal ended up getting us back… he tore off our bait and then gloated. You might think that I am joking when I say he gloated. But he did! It was pretty funny though…



When at the beach it is a necessity to have a picnic and play in the water. Emma and Easton had a blast! Pure joy!



This picture makes Jake and I laugh every time. Its like they are planning a great escape or daring each other to go “touch the butt.”

Later in the day we tried clamming. And by try I mean we really just played in the sandy mud. Best.Day. Ever!


IMG_2073   IMG_2058IMG_2082DSC_0240

It really was the perfect day to spend on the beach. Best of all was that we were able to be with some of our amazing family. This was an adventure that will definitely need to be repeated!


Emma Honsvick
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