Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye has never been easy, especially if it is someone you love dearly. A week ago yesterday I said the toughest goodbye yet. I said goodbye to my Grampa for the last time. (null) We had gotten the news earlier that week that my Grampa was not doing very good. He was in the hospital and it looked like he would not be coming home. What went from having a few months left, quickly turned into any day would be his last. Jake and I decided to make a last minute trip to see my Grampa and to have him meet Lizzy. I will forever cherish the last moments I was able to spend with him. It was such a blessing to see him one last time. My Grampa died a few hours after I left him. I will miss him, but I know that I will see him again. (null) Until that day comes, I will think of him whenever I eat ice cream, play checkers, sing, or play a instrument (Grampa loved music) and eat sugary cereal :) I am so glad that he wrote down the stories that he use to tell us because now, whenever I miss him, I can go back and read what he wrote. (null) I love you Grampa! "may God be with you till we meet again"

Much Needed

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This past week has been a long/ quick week. You know, the kind when you think back on the week and it seems like it lasted forever, and so many things happened, but at the same time you can't believe it is almost Friday. Well on Tuesday Jake was able to work from home and let me go to the temple. This was definitely much needed! It was so nice to be able to steal away a couple of hours and reflect on God's plan for me. IMG_7989 We have so many changes coming up for our little family that it was nice to just take a moment to remember that God loves me and my family. He has a plan for me. He has given me a wonderful family that I am sealed to forever. And no matter what changes we face, God will be there providing a way for us. This knowledge brings so much peace into my life. I am always ready to take on any challenges knowing my Father in Heaven is on my side. So thank you, my wonderful husband, for letting me go to the temple. It was definitely much needed!


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This past summer we were able to go and visit my family in Idaho. While we were there Jake took family pictures for my sister Sarah. To say that she was a little obsessed with her pants is a understatement. Haha She was walking around saying RED PANTS!!!DSC_0584   And I have to admit, her "RED PANTS!!!" were pretty awesome. DSC_0460 So when I was digging through Emma's closet today I was super excited to find a pair of red pants. Even better news, they fit! Now Emma can walk around saying RED PANTS!!! Best day ever! IMG_7995

On the Mend

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Life for us is finally starting to get back to normal since the holidays. We are slowly on the mend after being sick for the past couple of weeks. At least we all got our sickness over at the same time. IMG_7848 IMG_1712 IMG_1722IMG_1675 Haha it made for some interesting days. With Emma having a double ear infection, all of us having a nasty head cold, and I having pink eye on top of that, it makes me even more thankful for my health... and for my hearing. Have plugged ears for a couple of weeks is no fun, let me tell you. But amongst the sickness I have loved cuddling with my girls. They just make me so happy! So here is to a healthy rest of the year. I am so ready to play again! IMG_7860 (Pictures were from our holiday vacation when we were all healthy ; )

Blessing Day

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This past Sunday we were able to bless our sweet daughter Elizabeth Clara. What a wonderful opportunity it is to be able to give our daughter a name and a blessing that will be a guide to her as she grows. My gratitude for the priesthood power seems to grow each day. Blessingday Jake gave Lizzy a beautiful blessing. In the blessing he encouraged Lizzy to study and learn all good things as she grows older. My dad, my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law Ben were  all able to be there in her blessing circle. Lizzy was a perfect angle through the whole blessing and didn't cry once! surpriseLizzy sleepyLizzy We were able to have several of our family members and friends come out for the special occasion. It meant so much to us to have so many love ones come, even though our church was at the crack of dawn... we might have bribed them with food afterward ; ) It really was the perfect blessing day. smilygirl Littlesmile   Now the only regret that I have is that I didn't get any pictures of our family and friends with our little munchkin. Bummer! But I did get my husband to take a crazy amount of pictures of this cutie! blessingdaylizzy Now I must take a moment to brag about my mom. She made Lizzy's blessing dress and shoes, and managed to find the perfect baby necklace and ring. My mom really is amazing! I don't know what I would do without her. necklacedetail theoutfit dressdetail theoutfitl2

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