Oh! life….

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And I am back! This past month has been so busy.I have been working on a lot of projects, trying to meet goals that I have set, and of course play with my daughter everyday :) Life got so busy that something just had to give. Unfortunately that meant my blog. As much as I love to blog, it was not worth stressing about amongst my long list of things to do. But now my crazy few weeks are over and life is getting back to normal…. well as normal as it gets around here. I am so excited to post a few DIY projects that I have created, along with Hot Air balloon theme party ideas, and of course pictures from Emma’s first birthday. I just can’t believe my little girl has turn one. This past year has flown by. But before I bombard you with pictures of Little Miss Emma, I want to share with you some things that I have learned that past couple of weeks.

  • Its okay to ask for help. As much as I would love to take on the world by myself, I can’t. It is okay, and good, to ask people around you for help. In fact it is way more fun not doing everything on your own.
  • Its okay if a project doesn’t come out perfect. Sometimes when you make a mistake, it comes out even better. This one I am still working on accepting, but it is so important. Too often I start to work on a project, trying to create something from a imaginary picture inside my head. More often then not, it dose not turn out exactly as I had plan. At first I am tempted to get frustrated and throw the whole project away. But then I take the challenge to make it even better then the original idea. And you know what, I usually end up loving the finished product.
  • You don’t have to go crazy and do everything imaginable. Imagine it is your daughters first birthday and you start looking through Pinterest for ideas. Soon you begin to think that unless you do a hug massive overhaul to your house, and make everything from scratch, then you have failed as a mom. I am here to tell you that this is so not true. It is okay to not do everything that you see on Pinterest . If you try you might just get completely stressed out and not enjoy the day. I almost made this mistake. I had to many things that I wanted to do. I even convinced myself that I had to do everything or else I would be a complete failure. Luckily I have an amazing husband that talked some sense into me before it got to bad. And you know, her birthday still turned out perfect without me doing everything off of Pinterest (Side note: I still love Pinterest and use it probably way to often)
  • Last thing that I continue to learn is, when things go wrong, just laugh. I love to laugh! What perfect opportunity to do so when things go wrong. The best thing about laughter is that it puts things into perspective… and it is just fun :)

What have you learned lately?




  1. Allie @ Between Dreams says:

    SUCH good lessons to learn!

    I’ve learned lately that I need to carve out time for myself in order for me to continue being my best self. When I get wrapped up in the busyness and the chores and whatever life throws at me… it’s easy to neglect myself, leaving me feeling drained and burnt out.

    A little bit of TLC goes a long, long way :)

    • Emily Honsvick says:

      I hear you. Sometimes just a 5 minute breather where I can do whatever I want makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing what you have learned :)

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