My Adventure Part 2

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After a week of Idaho fun, it was time to head back to good ol’ California. Since we are cray, we practically went straight from the airport to my In-Laws house. We stopped at our place only to change out presents.

Emma is just too cute!

Oh just waiting in the airport…

and waiting… and a little playing :)
We were so excited to see Jakes side of the family. Especially those who live so far away. (Seriously Texas is way too far). Emma had so much fun playing with her little cousins. One of her cousins is only three weeks younger then her and they had to much fun playing in the floor with each other. They kept on trying to steal each others toys :) We had a blast counting down until Christmas. We played games, watched movies, ate tons of sweets, stayed up super late talking, played Mario Cart (I am the champion at their house… at least against the people I played :), went to church, and of course did a little shopping. 
At last Christmas day came. Now that I am older my favorite part about Christmas day is watching the kids see the presents under the tree and watching everyone open their gifts. It was so cute seeing my little niece, Riley, come down the stairs and be in total shock over all that santa brought. 
This Christmas was also exciting because it was Emma’s very first one. As I watched her discover and look through her stocking with her Daddy, I became so thankful that I am her Mom. Emma loved opening all her gifts, but her favorite part was the paper. She couldn’t get enough of that stuff. Next year I am seriously thinking about not making/ buying her anything and just giving her paper and empty boxes lol! 

game night with the Honsvicks

Riley loved taking pictures with Emma

Uncle Jared loved to call Emma “Fluffy”

Emma got a package from Santa on Christmas Eve. It came with a cute little not and a book just for her.

Riley just knew that Santa wanted a PB&J sandwich along with his cookies :)

Emma loved the Christmas lights
Santa Came!

Emma and Sydney’s favorite toy to play with together. 

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