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A Day in San Francisco

by Emily Honsvick 4 comments

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One of the coolest things I was able to do over my month long vacation was to spend a day in San Francisco. And let me tell you a day is not long enough to see everything there. Maybe one day I can convince my wonderful husband to take me back :) Anyways, we actually spent most of our time at the zoo. And there Zoo is huge! We didn't even come close to seeing it all. I have always loved going to the zoo so I was super excited to go and have Emma experience her very first trop to the zoo. She loved it! Between being out doors all day and being able to people and animal watch... my little girl was having her best day ever. 

This Monkey is seriously the color of the rainbow. It is so cool!

We tuckered that little girl of mine out :)

Now for the real reason the we went to San Francisco...

A few months ago my sister-in-law, Rachel, came up with the idea that all the girls in the family should go and see a musical . Of course I readily agreed. I was so excited going to the theater. As much as I have been involved in musicals all my life, I have never seen a Broadway show. I wasn't disappointed. Lion King was amazing! The props the acting, the singing, the COSTUMES. It was all amazing. Oh how I wish I could have taken pictures of it all. All I know is that we should make this tradition that we do every year :) 

hahaha I love the look the guy is giving to Kashari. It's priceless.

LIfe as I know it.

by Emily Honsvick 2 comments

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Today marks the second full week of school at BYU-Idaho. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. I started my internship which I am super excited about. I am working at the hospital under an O.T. It is so neat watching him working with infants all the way to Older people. It makes me want to work at a hospital even more someday... as long as I never have to stick a needle in someone. :) I have already learned so much from this experience though.
I am also choreographing for the high school production of Footloose. It has been amazing working with the high school students. I was mainly put over the song "Girl Gets Around," even though the title of the song isn't the best I made the dance super cute and funny. I can't wait for my dancers to finish learning it. It has been such a great experience working for the high school. I almost wish that I wasn't moving so soon so that I could keep choreographing. Oh well there are new adventures around the corner. I am just grateful for the time I have left here in Idaho. It is strange how as time comes closer for Jake and I to leave, the more I find I am going to miss this place. But I have to admit I am super excited to not be here in the winter. All I can say is whohaooo! And who knows where we will end up in the future. Maybe New Zealand... or how about China :) I will keep you posted.

P.S Super exciting news..... I am a new Aunt. My sister-in-law had her little baby yesterday and all i can say is that he is a cutie. I can't wait to see him. I am so excited for Kashari and Jared as they start this new adventure. I just know they will love every minute of it. I only wish I didn't live so far away.

FreE aT LAsT!

by Emily Honsvick 2 comments

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The semester is over and goodness has it been a busy one. Between school, work, working in the preschool labs, and Oliver my life has definitely been filled with adventure. Through this semester I have learned some very valuable lessons. Here are the top ten things that I have learned:
1. When going tadpole hunting, do not look in Idaho for they have none.
2. Bruises that come from dancing do not only look ugly but they can even hurt as bad as they look.
3. Laughing really is the best medicine
4. I would go crazy without my husband. (He is pretty much amazing)
5. As much as I wish for more time in the day, it never comes true.
6. Sleeping is way overrated.
7. I can choreograph a musical :)
8. Life is good when you just take things one step at a time.
9. My family is pretty crazy but I love them so much!
10. Even though life has been insane, I wouldn't of had it any other way. I simply love how life is an adventure.

Oliver! I helped choreograph and I was a dancer for one of the scenes.

Going Tadpole Hunting

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

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So here is a quick update on this crazy life that I have,

Oliver has been so much fun. My main focus has been choreographing Who Will Buy. Can I just say it is going to be a crazy dance number. We have so much going on in the song, it is going to be awesome! The cast members are so much fun to work with. And Guess What?.... I am going to be in the musical now. They needed me to dance in a couple of number so I am really excited.
This semester I am in the Preschool lab on campus. It has been so much fun working with the children. I am learning just how much work goes into a preschool class. It definitely keeps me busy. What is nice though is that even though I am always on the o this semester, I am doing things that I love like teaching children and dancing plus I am married to the most amazing man I know. Speaking of my amazing husband, he surprised a couple days ago with a bouquet of red roses. I was so surprised when I came home and found the house clean, roses for me on the table, and dinner cooking. It pretty much made my day. What can I say I have a pretty amazing husband.

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