Much Needed

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This past week has been a long/ quick week. You know, the kind when you think back on the week and it seems like it lasted forever, and so many things happened, but at the same time you can’t believe it is almost Friday. Well on Tuesday Jake was able to work from home and let me go to the temple. This was definitely much needed! It was so nice to be able to steal away a couple of hours and reflect on God’s plan for me.


We have so many changes coming up for our little family that it was nice to just take a moment to remember that God loves me and my family. He has a plan for me. He has given me a wonderful family that I am sealed to forever. And no matter what changes we face, God will be there providing a way for us. This knowledge brings so much peace into my life. I am always ready to take on any challenges knowing my Father in Heaven is on my side. So thank you, my wonderful husband, for letting me go to the temple. It was definitely much needed!

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