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“Ordinary Moments”

by Emily Honsvick 0 comments

Life Love

     Right now I am just so thankful for all the little things that happen in my everyday life. It's the little moments that can be so easily taken for granted that make me the happiest.

"In life,

there are no Ordinary Moments.

Most of us never realize

the most significant

moments of our lives

when they're happening"

-Kathleen Magee

This quote says it all. There really are no ordinary moments. Each moment, every interaction, everything that we do will leave an impact. As for myself I try hard to see the significance of my ordinary moments.

Here are some "ordinary moments" that I have loved the past couple of day. I can already see how each of these moments have left a imprint on my life...

     Jake and I love to leave notes to each other on the huge white board that we have. Since we don't see each other super often because of his busy schedule, it is a great way for us to show the other that we are thinking of them. After having a couple of crazy days and hardly any sleep, I was in need of a pick me up. I think Jake saw that because he wrote me the sweetest note.

"Dear Emily,

            I hope you have an amazingacal day with Emma. I can't wait to see you sometime...sigh But, no matter how busy we are, we get forever together. I'm so thankful for that. I love you with all that I am, and that will always make life worth going through.



     This simple and cute message made my day. He even used the word amazingacal! If you know Jake, you know that he probably never said that word in his life until he married me. I must be rubbing off on him! I just love him so much and it's moments like this that make me realize just how lucky I am to be married to him.


     Emma creates so many "ordinary moments" in my life. As I like to say, I love her little loves. It just melts my heart when she reaches up and grabs my finger. Or when she crawls up me just to give me a hug and a kiss. Hearing her say the word Mama makes me just beam inside. And I can't help but laugh with happiness when she dances and tries to sing when I play the piano. It is seriously the funniest and cutest thing ever! I know that I say this a lot. But spending everyday with this little munchkin is the best thing ever. She is so special and I am going to try to treasure up all my "ordinary moments" with her. I know that time is going to go my too fast. But can I just say that I can't get enough of her little cheeks. They are just so kissable!


     One of my favorite "ordinary moments" just happened a little bit ago. I had just put Emma down for the night and was pigging out on some brownie batter dip and pretzels. All of a sudden I heard a a knock on my door. When I opened the door, to my surprise, I saw a little boy that I teach at church and his family. She shyly handed me a bouquet of flowers and thanked me for being for the best primary teacher. His parents told me that he decided and came up with the idea to give flowers to his two teachers. It was the sweetest thing ever. This particular little boy is three years old and is so much fun to have in my little sunbeam class. He is so stinking smart and is always saying things to make me laugh. I love coming home and telling Jake the newest hilarious thing that he said in class. To open my door to this little guy made my night.


     There are so many more "ordinary moments" that happen all the time. They can seem so insignificant at first, but it is these moments that I always look back on and talk about. Here are a few more "ordinary moments that I have had recently"

playing the piano again Making a little burlap banner (It just makes our place look so cute) Hugs that say everything Visiting family (So glad we live close to Jake's side of the family) dancing with Jake in the hallway spring weather A stranger saying hello playing chase with Emma Knowing that I have a forever with my little family


I could go on. Each day just has so much good in it. Sometimes we just have to look for it. I just love all the "ordinary moments" that occur everyday.

What "ordinary moments" have been happening in your life?

The word "Mom"

by Emily Honsvick 3 comments

Emma Love Thankful

I love being a Mom.

It had probably been the biggest blessing in my life. My little girl fills me with so much joy that sometimes I feel that I could explode with happiness. 

Emma makes everyday a little brighter and little happier. How grateful I am that I get to be with my little one all the time. I know some moms cant wait to get out of the house for a minute on their own... but I have never felt like that . I do want to see friends but I love taking Emma with me. LIke I said, she just makes everything so much more fun. 

I am not saying being a mom is not hard or challenging. But in those moments where I don't know how to calm Emma down or how to get her to go back to sleep, I just look in her eyes and melt. I wouldn't give my daughter up for even a minute. 
I can see her eyes full of love and trust staring back at me. 

I love how she gives me her little loves. 
Like when she squeezes my hand, gives me a hug, kisses me, smiles, laugh, waves, clap, plays chase, shares a toy, tries to share her pacifier (thats when you really know she loves you), says mamamamamama, and when she squeals in delight just because she sees you.

I love how happy Emma is and how people notice it. 
I was stopped in the store the other day by a gentleman. He proceeded to tell me that I am very blessed and that my daughter is so special and happy and he could tell just how much we love each other. 
I was so touched by those kind words of a stranger. 

I know that I am one lucky mom. And I am thankful each and every day for my little girl.

My Last First Date

by Emily Honsvick 5 comments

Adventures Husband Love

In the beginning of the month of October 2009. One of my best friends asked me (finally) on a date. I was so excited when he asked me. I tried to play it cool for the rest of our conversation but I was doing a happy dance inside. He did not give me the slightest clue of what we were going to do. He was going to make it a surprise and let me stew on it for a couple of days.
Well the night of the big date arrived. I was a little nervous but sooooo excited.
If felt so natural as we drove to our destination. I have never felt so at ease. We could laugh with each other, joke around, and be serious.

I have to admit that it was so nice not to have to go through the awkward getting to know you phase. You know when you ask all the same questions...
Where are you from?
What is your Major?
What color is your tooth brush?
Oh you like that kind of music.. hmm... oh uh cool

Instead we know a great deal about each other so we invented a game. We took turns asking each other the most ridiculous questions all the way to the most serious of questions. It was difficult at times to think of questions that I didn't know the answer to, but it was sure fun.

After some time Jake parked the car at the base of R Mountain. He then exclaimed that we were going to climb to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset. I was pretty excited for two reasons. 1. Climbing the R Mountain was always entertaining because you could never find the trail. Instead you always made up your own trail. 2. I love hiking and climbing Mountains.

So off we went.
Confession... I may or may not of pretended to have had a hard time on some of the steeper parts so that Jake would have to hold my hand to help me ;)
Once we made it to the top, Jake pulled out a few more surprises. He had brought along with him Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider, little bit of yummy snacks, and a book.
There, as the sun set, he read to me my favorite fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast. I loved hearing him read to me. We did not get very far into the story when he stopped. When I asked him what was wrong, he stated "Why we need to sing of course" So we sang most of the songs from the Disney movie as we read from the book.

I was a goner. He had stolen my heart.

The Sun quickly made its way down from the sky. We packed up and headed down the Mountain.
Now remember how I said that you could never find a trail.... well we got lost. I was laughing so hard. When we finally got to the base of the mountain we ended up in someone's farm.
We kept joking around about what story we would tell if we got caught by the farmer. Luckily we found his car before to long.
I was having so much fun, I didn't want the night to be over. To my relief neither did Jake. So we went on a car ride and the parked and took a walk in the middle of now where. We talked and we talked. It seemed that we were never going to run out of things to say.
It was late when we finally made it back to Rexburg.

As I walked in the door, my roommates were all up waiting to hear all about my date. As I started to tell them about the Mountain, the Hot Chocolate, and my fairy tale story, one of them interrupted me.
"Wait!" she said "You need to put your jacket in your room." I started to laugh. You gotta be kidding, right? I mean who cares where my jacket is. But they all persisted. As they pushed me into me room I noticed something on my bed. Lying there on my bed was a bouquet of Roses and a little note from Jake.
He had one of his friends deliver the package to our apartment while we were gone on our date. That way I would have them waiting for me when I got home.

I was truly a goner. He had me hook line and sinker.

I knew that I had never dated anyone as amazing as this boy.
And I can still say that today. I have the most wonderful husband any girl could ask for.
A husband who still sing with me, dance with me , and watch the sunset any chance we get.

Just Gotta Dance

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Emma Husband Love

What dose one do after dinner is all done and before you clean up the dishes?....

Why you dance of course!

I just love watching those two together.

I think Emma is in love with her Daddy :) I just love my life

Miss Emma

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Emma Love

Emma is growing so fast! She is exploring everything and lovin' the world around her. I learn so much from my little girl. She helps me to see even more the joy in every aspect in my life. She is such a sweetie. 
I was able to put her in a couple of new outfits this week. They are so cute and I am in love with the bright colors. Emma of course makes her outfits even cuter. I am just so in love with my daughter. Here are a few snapshots.

I could just stare at her all day!

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