So I realized that I have not really said how Jake and I have come to be. I just love our story and had to share it….
In the year 2008 I started my freshman year of college at BYU-Idaho. I was loving college life. I was having so much fun getting to know the girls in my complex. One day when I was at church I met a boy who I thought was super cute. The more that I got to know this boy the more I like him. The problem was I didn’t know if he liked me. We would see each other around often and talk. He would even invite me and a couple of my friends to go with him to different school activities. But since I am completely oblivious, I thought he was just being nice and nothing more.
Now enter in my amazing next-door neighbors.
As I was trying to figure out what was going on in this certain boys head, I headed over to my neighbors to ask the girls their advice. To my delight I met one of my friends boyfriend. His name was Jake.
(That’s right my husband was dating my neighbor when I met him)
I asked Jake what her thought about my boy situation. He told me the truth and said the guy probably liked me a lot and it was pretty obvious. He then proceeded to help me figure out how to get this boy to finally ask me out. With Jakes help we came up with a plan.
The boy from church and I ended up planning on meeting at a swing dance. Not as a date mind you, but as I’ll see you there type of thing. Anyways, Jake took his girlfriend to the same swing dance. There Jake danced with me to help me show off my mad dancing skills… and to get that certain boys attention. I guess it worked because that boy and I ended up dating. Shortly after we started to date Jake and my neighbor broke up. Luckily we stayed friends and over time Jake became one of my best friends. I ended up dating the boy from my church for almost a year. During that time I went to Jake all the time for advice. All the way from “what should I get him for Christmas” to “Yikes! He wants to marry me! What should I do?” Jake was always there listening to me, cheering me up, and helping me to learn how to make my own decisions. He never did tell me exactly what to do. He would just help me learn what I needed to do to make up my own mind.
Now don’t judge me, but every now and then as I was talking to Jake I would wonder why I couldn’t end up with a guy just like him. There was one time I even thought that I should be with Jake instead of the guy I was actually with. Each time this happened I would push the thought out of my mind saying something to the effect of “I’m sure he s to short for me.” Even though he is actually a couple of inches taller.
While I was dating my guy from church, there were a few times that I thought I was actually going to marry him. He was a great guy and I knew that he would treat me right and my life would be good. But I could never full commit. It is such a huge decision. I was afraid of making a wrong choice.
It wasn’t until I had a certain experience that I made up my mind and knew what I had to do.
Hill Cumorah 2009
In the summer of 2009 I was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. There I was able to share with so many people what I believed. It was such a great experience and I loved every minuet of it. While I was there I didn’t have much contact with anyone out side the immediate area of Palmyra, New York. That means no talking with the boy I was dating. One day I started to think about him and the possibility of marrying him. As I was thinking about this I started feeling super unhappy. It wasn’t until I pushed any thought about him out of my mind that I was happy again. I knew that I finally had my answer that I had been praying about for a long time.
I still thought that the boy I was dating was a great guy and that he would make someone very happy. But, that girl wasn’t me. Right before school started, we broke up.
Side not: Luckily I can say we both have respect for each other. And we are both happily married now J
Me, Jake, and Carolyn
The weeks that followed I really did lean on Jake and another one of my best friends, Carolyn. It was harder then I thought saying goodbye to a guy that I had dated for about a year. On top of that, I was feeling guilty for having a slight crush on Jake. After all, I just broke up with a guy. I was not about to go jumping into another relationship.
Carolyn was the amazing friend that helped push us together. A couple of months after school and started again, Jake asked me out. By this time I had a huge crush on him. My family was so excited. Turns out that they had been routing for him ever since they met him. After only a week of dating I knew that I was a goner. I was head over heels in love with this boy. It was a different kind of love that I had ever experienced before. I could not imagine not having him in my life.
Shortly after we started to date I learned that he had been in love with me from almost the moment he met me. He had not told anyone his feelings but had stayed by my side, being there for me the best he could.
He proposed on January 4th 2010 and we were married on April 16th 2010 in the Idaho Falls temple.
I am so glad to have married Jake and know that I will be with him forever. I love that I can say that I married my best friend.