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Pillow Talk

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

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I love to talk, especially with my husband. But with Grad School and our busy schedules, it is sometimes hard to fit in a nice long conversation. That is why some of our craziest, sweetest, and random conversations happen as we are getting ready for bed. I love those uninterrupted moments where we can share our thoughts, struggles, questions, and triumphs.
The other night Jake randomly asked me if my life turned out how I expected it.
I laughed at this.
My life has not at all turned out how I expected and planned for it. if I was going off of My plans, I would be on a mission for my church at this very moment.
I was...
going to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
 I would have been a Navuoo Youth Missionary ( I was in the middle of applying for it when I was dating Jake).
I would have studied abroad for a semester, maybe even taught english in another country for a semester.
I was aiming to get my Child Life Specialist Certificate so that I could get my dream job.
I wanted to take more dance classes,
choreograph more musicals,
and like I said at the very beginning serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Oh yes my life was set and planned. But life changed its plans on me.

Instead I...
Met an amazing guy named Jacob Honsvick
Was in the Hill Cumoarh Pageant 

Dated my best friend
Learned what love meant
Went on many amazing and wonderful dates with this boy
Got engaged
Married my best friend in the Idaho Falls Temple
Took a road trip to see all the LDS CHurch History Sites
Moved to Washing to DC for a summer
Learn how to Country Dance
Choreographed for two musicals
Played with family
Discovered chop night
Taught a little kids dance class
Taught a Preschool class
Interned with a Occupational Therapist
Graduated BYU-Idaho with a Child Development Degree and dance Minor
Learned how to make everyday an adventure
Went extreme frisbee Golfing in the Snow
And welcomed the most wonderful little girl into our family
So to answer my dear husbands question. "No, life did not turn out how I expected.... it turned out even better."

Sick Days

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Emma Life sick

You know the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"... well it's not true. The sick bug has taken over our household, hopefully it wont stay to much longer.
It turned out that Emma had a ear infection on top of the RSV Cold. Thank goodness for modern day medicine. She is already starting to feel better. And can I say that I am a little bit jealous that she get bubble gum flavored medicine.. so much better then the cherry flavor. Even though she has been so sick she is the happiest little girl I know. Even her doctor was amazed that she was all smiles while she giggled and clapped for him. I am one lucky mama. Now to get rid of my head cold.

Here is to getting healthy...

Little Miss Emma

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Emma Life sick Thankful

Poor little Miss Emma has been sick for the past week. Its so sad to to see her uncomfortable and not be able to do much for her. Luckily she is starting to get a little bit better, Fingers crossed that she gets completely better in the next couple of days! Being sick has not slowed her down though. She is the happiest sick little girl that I have ever met. I just love her so much.
The past few weeks Emma has changed so much! She is crawling, following me around,  climbing, standing up, clapping, and babbling like crazy. I love being her Mom and seeing her learn and discover the world around her. Every day is a new adventure. And I am so glad that I get to share that adventure with her. 

A couple of her favorite things to do lately is to "help" me in the kitchen. As soon as she sees me heading for the kitchen, she will crawl right on over and watch me as I cook or bake. Every now and then I give her something to play with that I was using. I just love the big smiles I get when she is "helping" mom.
Emma's next favorite thing to do is to pull out all her books and "read" through them. She will turn the pages of a few of the board books or just shake the books in the air. Whenever we sit down and read books together she always squeals and claps her hands. It is seriously the cutest thing ever!

Here is little bit more of what Little Miss Emma has been up to. Oh how I just love my little girl! She is just too cute and fun :)

A Day in San Francisco

by Emily Honsvick 4 comments

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One of the coolest things I was able to do over my month long vacation was to spend a day in San Francisco. And let me tell you a day is not long enough to see everything there. Maybe one day I can convince my wonderful husband to take me back :) Anyways, we actually spent most of our time at the zoo. And there Zoo is huge! We didn't even come close to seeing it all. I have always loved going to the zoo so I was super excited to go and have Emma experience her very first trop to the zoo. She loved it! Between being out doors all day and being able to people and animal watch... my little girl was having her best day ever. 

This Monkey is seriously the color of the rainbow. It is so cool!

We tuckered that little girl of mine out :)

Now for the real reason the we went to San Francisco...

A few months ago my sister-in-law, Rachel, came up with the idea that all the girls in the family should go and see a musical . Of course I readily agreed. I was so excited going to the theater. As much as I have been involved in musicals all my life, I have never seen a Broadway show. I wasn't disappointed. Lion King was amazing! The props the acting, the singing, the COSTUMES. It was all amazing. Oh how I wish I could have taken pictures of it all. All I know is that we should make this tradition that we do every year :) 

hahaha I love the look the guy is giving to Kashari. It's priceless.

My Adventure Part 2

by Emily Honsvick 0 comments

Christmas Emma Family Husband Life travel

After a week of Idaho fun, it was time to head back to good ol' California. Since we are cray, we practically went straight from the airport to my In-Laws house. We stopped at our place only to change out presents.

Emma is just too cute!

Oh just waiting in the airport...

and waiting... and a little playing :)

We were so excited to see Jakes side of the family. Especially those who live so far away. (Seriously Texas is way too far). Emma had so much fun playing with her little cousins. One of her cousins is only three weeks younger then her and they had to much fun playing in the floor with each other. They kept on trying to steal each others toys :) We had a blast counting down until Christmas. We played games, watched movies, ate tons of sweets, stayed up super late talking, played Mario Cart (I am the champion at their house... at least against the people I played :), went to church, and of course did a little shopping. 
At last Christmas day came. Now that I am older my favorite part about Christmas day is watching the kids see the presents under the tree and watching everyone open their gifts. It was so cute seeing my little niece, Riley, come down the stairs and be in total shock over all that santa brought. 
This Christmas was also exciting because it was Emma's very first one. As I watched her discover and look through her stocking with her Daddy, I became so thankful that I am her Mom. Emma loved opening all her gifts, but her favorite part was the paper. She couldn't get enough of that stuff. Next year I am seriously thinking about not making/ buying her anything and just giving her paper and empty boxes lol! 

game night with the Honsvicks

Riley loved taking pictures with Emma

Uncle Jared loved to call Emma "Fluffy"

Emma got a package from Santa on Christmas Eve. It came with a cute little not and a book just for her.

Riley just knew that Santa wanted a PB&J sandwich along with his cookies :)

Emma loved the Christmas lights

Santa Came!

Emma and Sydney's favorite toy to play with together. 

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