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An Unexpected Surprise

by Emily Honsvick 2 comments

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Today was a day full of spontaneous adventures and I loved it!
Today we got a piano! It was so unexpected and last minute. But it is perfect and I am so excited.
The best thing about it was that it was free! Thank you Craigslist!
I use to play the piano when growing up but since I left to go to college I haven't had a piano to really practice on. Now I can brush up on my playing skills and improve my piano playing. I have missed playing the piano and now I can play to my little hearts content. (Hopefully my neighbors will still like me ;)

Emma is even excited about the new toy in our living room. In fact I am not sure who is more excited me or Emma .

She loves playing the piano. In fact she gets so sad when I wont let her play. But I think she has a knack for playing. Maybe a little Mozart in the making :)

Here is to becoming a better pianist (Now to figure out where to put it in our apartment :) 

Life Keeps Going

by Emily Honsvick 2 comments

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This week has been pretty crazy for Jake and I. Through all of our craziness we have learned many do's and don'ts.

Go and visit Family that lives a couple hours away for just one afternoon (you are going to want to stay longer)
Stay up until 4:30 in the morning (especially with a little one)
Attempt to drive on no sleep. (You end up going to the wrong city)
Try to form normal sentences on two hours of sleep. It just wont happen.
Text without double checking who you are sending it to (I ended up professing my love to a girl friend instead of my husband. LOL! We were laughing pretty good at that one)
Try to feed Emma yogurt on my lap. It equals need to clean my jeans

Have cousin time
Eat a lot and I mean a LOT of Chocolate Chips
Laugh all day long. It is the best medicine, especially when you are running on no sleep
Go on Play Dates. It was so much fun watching Emma play with a little boy names Clark.
Take naps whenever Emma is sleeping
Watch a lot of Old black and white TV Shows (I am a Nerd and have been watching Robin Hood with Richard Greene... Love it)
Dream that you are in the T.V show Robin Hood. (It makes you feel as if you got your exercise for the day)
Watch Emma splash like crazy in the bathtub.
Sing Songs all day long
Make awesome Crapes
Enjoy the beauty that each day brings

I love that even when our days do not go as we have planned, it's okay because something good always comes out in the end.
Favorite thing about this week has been having Jake home to tuck Emma in bed. It seriously is the cutest/best thing ever watching him with her.

Here are some snippets of our week.

PIcture Perfect

by Emily Honsvick 3 comments

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A little known fact about our little family is that we have almost no family pictures of us all. Sad, right?!

It is my goal/dream to hire someone to take our family pictures professionally. After Pintrest Stocking all kinds of family photo ideas, I am ready to plaster my walls with cute family portraits. Until that day comes our frames get to satisfy themselves with our attempts at photography. (One day I will master my camera, I just know it)
We only had about ten minuets to have a little photo shoot (gotta love being married to a Grad student :) But I love the Photos we got. For once we have a picture of my little family. Now I just need to get it up on my wall. 

Growing Up

by Emily Honsvick 0 comments

Emma Life

My little girl is not so little any more. 
You would think that I would have realized this before now. I mean is is crawling around and talking. She even said Mama. 
Yep, you heard that right. She said my name. It just made me melt. 
I love that little girl so much.
Even though she is changing so much I never noticed just how big she has become. 
Today though, I had a shocking realization just how much she is growing.
At church today a friend of mine asked me to hold her new born infant for a minute. She was the cutest little girl. As soon as i held her in my arms I was shocked with how light and fragile she was. When did Emma stop being like this? The little baby I was holding was so tinny I almost forgotten how little Emma once was. 
Bu,t even though I sometimes miss my newborn, I wouldn't trade how Emma is now. 
I love watching her discover new things.
I love the way you see her think about something and then watch her figure out a way to go around the barricade you set up for for her
I love her laugh
I love her smiles
I love how she is gives me open mouth kisses and rubs noses with me
I love how she claps when she is happy (which is most of the time)
I love how she is always ready to give anyone she sees a smile (she is such a flirt)
I love how she talks all the time with her ababababababab 
with the occasional amamamamamama
I love her cute silly faces she pulls when we are playing together
Yes, I just love my little munchkin. I am so glad that I am her mom and able to be there as she grows into each stage of her life.
She will always be my little girl no matter how big and tall she grows
And I do know that with everyday will always be a fun adventure!
(One more Sneak Peek Photo for this weeks post on what Emma gave her Daddy for Valentines Day)

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

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Life the past few weeks have been a time for personal growing. 
It has seem lately that I am constantly being stretched. I guess we all need times in our life where the Lords pushes and stretches us, to mold us into the person he knows we can become. I am just so glad that I have my Savior to help guide me along my journey through life. 

I know that my life is extremely blessed right now. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. I have been able to see my family way more often then I thought I would. I have a job that allows me to be with Emma while earning the money that we need to stay out of debt. It is such an amazing blessing that Jake and I are debt free. We have a comfortable place to live in. And we have met some pretty cool people here in Davis that have made this transition easier. 

My problem is the unknown. I have always hated not knowing what was going to happen next. All through my life I knew where I was going to be (a.k.a school). Now it is scary (and a little exciting) to think that I have no idea where Jake and I are going to be next year at this time.
If he passes the prelims (fingers crossed) then we will be somewhere in Davis. If not who knows where. Maybe we will move to New Zealand or something ;)
All we can do is play the waiting game and hope for the best. 

Then there is the ever increasing itch inside of me to do something. I have always danced, sang, performed, taught, and stayed super active. 

I am still super busy (I get to play with a certain cute little girl everyday) and I wouldn't trade this kind of busy for the world. But still, at times I miss being as social and constantly learning as I use to be. 

After letting this feeling bug me for some time, I decided that I am going to do something about it. I am going to keep learning. I am going to keep growing. I am going to become a better me. I am not going to let fears or worries weigh me down. I am going to improve myself for the better and keep trying to become the girl that my Heavenly Father knows I can be. 
To make this happen I am determined to implement a handful of new goals in my life.

  • Study my scripture in the morning. I have not been as consistent with this as I should. Today is that day that it changes. How can expect the spirit to be there to help me and guide me if I don't do my part. 
  • Learn a new talent. I know that I keep saying that I want to learn how to use our awesome camera. Well I am no longer going to say that I want to. Instead I will now be saying that I am. 
  • Exercise. This is not easy for me. As much as I enjoyed and loved dance, backpacking, bike riding, hiking, and yoga, I have always had a difficult time setting a time for just plain exercise. But I have decided that my excuses are up. If I want to ever dance, hike, or do anything active, I have to prepare my body. That involves exercise and taking care of myself. (I think I will be googling Yoga Videos tonight)
  • Be a better friend. I want to be a better friend to my husband and to my friends around me. Too often lately I have been waiting for people to reach out to me. But if I want to be a good friend I need to reach out to them too. 
So there you have it. I am determined to become a better me and this is how I am starting. I know that these goals are small and simple. But it is amazing how changing the little things can turn your whole life around. I will definitely keep you posted on my road to progression. (Hopefully in time I will be showing off my awesome fancy photos :)

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