Jamba Juice

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Emma Family

We took Emma to try something new… it was of course Jamba Juice. A couple of weeks ago we were visiting Ben, Lonie and their family. While there they came up with the idea to go and get a smoothie. Emma’s cousins where of course pretty excited and Emma was too as soon as she tried some of the goodness. It made Miss Emma a believer in Jamba Juice. Silly me thought that I could share my drink with this munchkin. Hahaha that was a funny idea. My little Girl drank up the juice so fast! Luckily for me she allowed me to sneak a few sips.

IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3482

She is such a silly little Duck. We had such a blast visiting Jake’s Brother and his family. It was so cute watching Emma play with her two little cousins. One of the nights that we were there they took us to go and see a concert of a violinist and pianist. The best part was that is was outside. The weather was perfect for cuddling under a blanket as we watched the performance. Emma was so enthralled with the music that she didn’t move a muscle except to clap and dance a little. My sister-in-law even made us all popcorn and treats to eat while there. She is simply the best! It was the perfect evening to spend with our family.

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I can’t wait to get together with our family again and have more fun. What do you like to do with your family?

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