It’s a Hot Air Balloon Birthday

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birthday Emma

I can’t believe it! Emma is turning ONE. It must be a trick. It couldn’t have been almost a year ago that I had her. Time is just going by to fast. But, I have to admit that I am so excited for her birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest I am full of way to many ideas that I want to do for it. Its going to be great. I was going to wait until her birthday to do the grand reveal of her party, but then I thought why not bring you along on my adventure! So as I create and plan, I’ll keep you in the loop. And if this makes you want to throw a party for a one year old,…. well its not my fault. I blame Pinterest ;)

First up.. the Theme

Okay so there are a million of ways that I could have gone with Emma’s first birthday

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Tea Party                       Little Ballerina                                   Pinwheels

How cute Emma would have been in a little tutu. Or it would have been so special to use her tea set that her Grandma gave her at my baby shower. And those Pinwheel are just too cute. I love the colors that they used! There were tons of other ideas that I came across beside these three. But what I loved most of all were all the Hot Air balloon ideas

Here is what originally inspired me.

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Source                                                 Source

Are not those the cutest ideas ever! I am so in love with the little cake pops and the hot air balloon center piece. I love any excuse to pretend that I am going on a hot air balloon (its a dream of mine …and I am sure Emma’s) Ever since I saw these two pictures, I have been bursting with ideas. I am not sure two weeks is going to be enough time to make everything lol! Jake is getting excited about all my plans… I think that it is because I am doing a practice cake this weekend. Then again, I’m excited for the practice cake. It’s going to be delicious. Between now and the Cake the goal is to finish all of Emma’s hot air balloon birthday cards. They are turning out so cute. I can’t wait to show them off. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

What would you do for a little girls first birthday?

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  1. JaNae Norman says:

    Oh my word that is so dang cute! I may or may not have to steal that if I ever have a girl ;)

    • Emily Honsvick says:

      You should steal it! I am just so in love with the hot air balloon idea. You would have so much fun with it.

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