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Life Keeps Going

by Emily Honsvick 2 comments

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This week has been pretty crazy for Jake and I. Through all of our craziness we have learned many do's and don'ts.

Go and visit Family that lives a couple hours away for just one afternoon (you are going to want to stay longer)
Stay up until 4:30 in the morning (especially with a little one)
Attempt to drive on no sleep. (You end up going to the wrong city)
Try to form normal sentences on two hours of sleep. It just wont happen.
Text without double checking who you are sending it to (I ended up professing my love to a girl friend instead of my husband. LOL! We were laughing pretty good at that one)
Try to feed Emma yogurt on my lap. It equals need to clean my jeans

Have cousin time
Eat a lot and I mean a LOT of Chocolate Chips
Laugh all day long. It is the best medicine, especially when you are running on no sleep
Go on Play Dates. It was so much fun watching Emma play with a little boy names Clark.
Take naps whenever Emma is sleeping
Watch a lot of Old black and white TV Shows (I am a Nerd and have been watching Robin Hood with Richard Greene... Love it)
Dream that you are in the T.V show Robin Hood. (It makes you feel as if you got your exercise for the day)
Watch Emma splash like crazy in the bathtub.
Sing Songs all day long
Make awesome Crapes
Enjoy the beauty that each day brings

I love that even when our days do not go as we have planned, it's okay because something good always comes out in the end.
Favorite thing about this week has been having Jake home to tuck Emma in bed. It seriously is the cutest/best thing ever watching him with her.

Here are some snippets of our week.

PIcture Perfect

by Emily Honsvick 3 comments

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A little known fact about our little family is that we have almost no family pictures of us all. Sad, right?!

It is my goal/dream to hire someone to take our family pictures professionally. After Pintrest Stocking all kinds of family photo ideas, I am ready to plaster my walls with cute family portraits. Until that day comes our frames get to satisfy themselves with our attempts at photography. (One day I will master my camera, I just know it)
We only had about ten minuets to have a little photo shoot (gotta love being married to a Grad student :) But I love the Photos we got. For once we have a picture of my little family. Now I just need to get it up on my wall. 

My Last First Date

by Emily Honsvick 5 comments

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In the beginning of the month of October 2009. One of my best friends asked me (finally) on a date. I was so excited when he asked me. I tried to play it cool for the rest of our conversation but I was doing a happy dance inside. He did not give me the slightest clue of what we were going to do. He was going to make it a surprise and let me stew on it for a couple of days.
Well the night of the big date arrived. I was a little nervous but sooooo excited.
If felt so natural as we drove to our destination. I have never felt so at ease. We could laugh with each other, joke around, and be serious.

I have to admit that it was so nice not to have to go through the awkward getting to know you phase. You know when you ask all the same questions...
Where are you from?
What is your Major?
What color is your tooth brush?
Oh you like that kind of music.. hmm... oh uh cool

Instead we know a great deal about each other so we invented a game. We took turns asking each other the most ridiculous questions all the way to the most serious of questions. It was difficult at times to think of questions that I didn't know the answer to, but it was sure fun.

After some time Jake parked the car at the base of R Mountain. He then exclaimed that we were going to climb to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset. I was pretty excited for two reasons. 1. Climbing the R Mountain was always entertaining because you could never find the trail. Instead you always made up your own trail. 2. I love hiking and climbing Mountains.

So off we went.
Confession... I may or may not of pretended to have had a hard time on some of the steeper parts so that Jake would have to hold my hand to help me ;)
Once we made it to the top, Jake pulled out a few more surprises. He had brought along with him Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider, little bit of yummy snacks, and a book.
There, as the sun set, he read to me my favorite fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast. I loved hearing him read to me. We did not get very far into the story when he stopped. When I asked him what was wrong, he stated "Why we need to sing of course" So we sang most of the songs from the Disney movie as we read from the book.

I was a goner. He had stolen my heart.

The Sun quickly made its way down from the sky. We packed up and headed down the Mountain.
Now remember how I said that you could never find a trail.... well we got lost. I was laughing so hard. When we finally got to the base of the mountain we ended up in someone's farm.
We kept joking around about what story we would tell if we got caught by the farmer. Luckily we found his car before to long.
I was having so much fun, I didn't want the night to be over. To my relief neither did Jake. So we went on a car ride and the parked and took a walk in the middle of now where. We talked and we talked. It seemed that we were never going to run out of things to say.
It was late when we finally made it back to Rexburg.

As I walked in the door, my roommates were all up waiting to hear all about my date. As I started to tell them about the Mountain, the Hot Chocolate, and my fairy tale story, one of them interrupted me.
"Wait!" she said "You need to put your jacket in your room." I started to laugh. You gotta be kidding, right? I mean who cares where my jacket is. But they all persisted. As they pushed me into me room I noticed something on my bed. Lying there on my bed was a bouquet of Roses and a little note from Jake.
He had one of his friends deliver the package to our apartment while we were gone on our date. That way I would have them waiting for me when I got home.

I was truly a goner. He had me hook line and sinker.

I knew that I had never dated anyone as amazing as this boy.
And I can still say that today. I have the most wonderful husband any girl could ask for.
A husband who still sing with me, dance with me , and watch the sunset any chance we get.

Just Gotta Dance

by Emily Honsvick 0 comments

Emma Husband Love

What dose one do after dinner is all done and before you clean up the dishes?....

Why you dance of course!

I just love watching those two together.

I think Emma is in love with her Daddy :) I just love my life

Pillow Talk

by Emily Honsvick 1 comments

Husband Life Love

I love to talk, especially with my husband. But with Grad School and our busy schedules, it is sometimes hard to fit in a nice long conversation. That is why some of our craziest, sweetest, and random conversations happen as we are getting ready for bed. I love those uninterrupted moments where we can share our thoughts, struggles, questions, and triumphs.
The other night Jake randomly asked me if my life turned out how I expected it.
I laughed at this.
My life has not at all turned out how I expected and planned for it. if I was going off of My plans, I would be on a mission for my church at this very moment.
I was...
going to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
 I would have been a Navuoo Youth Missionary ( I was in the middle of applying for it when I was dating Jake).
I would have studied abroad for a semester, maybe even taught english in another country for a semester.
I was aiming to get my Child Life Specialist Certificate so that I could get my dream job.
I wanted to take more dance classes,
choreograph more musicals,
and like I said at the very beginning serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Oh yes my life was set and planned. But life changed its plans on me.

Instead I...
Met an amazing guy named Jacob Honsvick
Was in the Hill Cumoarh Pageant 

Dated my best friend
Learned what love meant
Went on many amazing and wonderful dates with this boy
Got engaged
Married my best friend in the Idaho Falls Temple
Took a road trip to see all the LDS CHurch History Sites
Moved to Washing to DC for a summer
Learn how to Country Dance
Choreographed for two musicals
Played with family
Discovered chop night
Taught a little kids dance class
Taught a Preschool class
Interned with a Occupational Therapist
Graduated BYU-Idaho with a Child Development Degree and dance Minor
Learned how to make everyday an adventure
Went extreme frisbee Golfing in the Snow
And welcomed the most wonderful little girl into our family
So to answer my dear husbands question. "No, life did not turn out how I expected.... it turned out even better."

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