Good Ol’ Idaho

by Emily Honsvick 2 comments

Family Photography

Can I just say that I really do love being in Idaho! This semester up at college has been really fun so far. I am learning how to sew and taking some child development classes from amazing teachers. And to top that, the weather has actually been really nice. Crazy I know. But for once Idaho has been having amazing weather during the fall time. Last week Jake and I, Jared and Kashari took advantage of this fine weather to take some really fun pictures. It was so much fun that we decided that we need to take Pictures together all semester long. Here are some of my favorites.


  1. Kashari says:

    YEA!!! Another blog post :) We certainly had a blast! We need to do this again another saturday soon!

  2. Katie says:

    Dear Emily,
    You are cool and you happen to take some pretty awesome pictures. So, we totally haven’t hung out nearly enough. Do you have school Monday? I don’t have work…so if you don’t have school we should go shopping or something.
    Katie is so cool Willis

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