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Family Photography

The past few weeks I have had a lot of family come up and visit. Although I have not been able to spend tons of time with them, I have loved every minute that I have been able to see them. This past Saturday we took some family pictures. It was actually really fun and we got some really good pictures. Here are some of my favorite.
Later that day I was able to take three of my nieces and go and see a Dance show at the University I attend. (I wish I had thought to bring my camera one day I will remember) We had so much fun. They had so many favorites dance pieces that they couldn’t stop talking about them. After the show the girls tried copying the dance moves they saw. It was so fun to watch them jump, turn, leap, and roll on the ground. I promised them that if they came back and visited again that I will teach them some dance moves. Hopefully we will see them again soon.


  1. Riley and Sarah Hall says:

    It was so awesome of your friends to take pictures of us crazies! Glad I got to see you in Oliver this past weekend. I hear that you are famous and sought after now…might see you in another production in the fall…That would rock if it works out

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