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Perfect Beach Day

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A couple of weeks ago my sister and brother-in-law came to visit. To say we had a blast is a understatement! While they were here we of course just had to go to the beach. And of course if we are going to the beach we have to invite Jared and Kashari along. The weather was perfect. But, seriously, it was better weather then we sometimes have in the summer. Gotta love California.

We started the morning attempting our hand at crabbing and fishing. We ended up catching a couple of crabs. Which were delicious to eat, just saying... anyways while we were crabbing we were able to find a star fish and tons of little crabs walking around the rocks. It was so cool! Emma was even brave enough to touch a star fish once.


DSC_0191 IMG_2025 IMG_2008DSC_0217

There was this seal that was swimming around the jetty that we were on. He was our sworn enemy. All morning long he would dive at our crab pots trying to get either our bait or our crabs. Once he had a star off with Mark, haha, all because we took the crabs out of the water before he could get to them. Sadly that seal ended up getting us back... he tore off our bait and then gloated. You might think that I am joking when I say he gloated. But he did! It was pretty funny though...



When at the beach it is a necessity to have a picnic and play in the water. Emma and Easton had a blast! Pure joy!



This picture makes Jake and I laugh every time. Its like they are planning a great escape or daring each other to go "touch the butt."

Later in the day we tried clamming. And by try I mean we really just played in the sandy mud. Best.Day. Ever!


IMG_2073   IMG_2058IMG_2082DSC_0240

It really was the perfect day to spend on the beach. Best of all was that we were able to be with some of our amazing family. This was an adventure that will definitely need to be repeated!


Emma Honsvick

Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye has never been easy, especially if it is someone you love dearly. A week ago yesterday I said the toughest goodbye yet. I said goodbye to my Grampa for the last time. (null) We had gotten the news earlier that week that my Grampa was not doing very good. He was in the hospital and it looked like he would not be coming home. What went from having a few months left, quickly turned into any day would be his last. Jake and I decided to make a last minute trip to see my Grampa and to have him meet Lizzy. I will forever cherish the last moments I was able to spend with him. It was such a blessing to see him one last time. My Grampa died a few hours after I left him. I will miss him, but I know that I will see him again. (null) Until that day comes, I will think of him whenever I eat ice cream, play checkers, sing, or play a instrument (Grampa loved music) and eat sugary cereal :) I am so glad that he wrote down the stories that he use to tell us because now, whenever I miss him, I can go back and read what he wrote. (null) I love you Grampa! "may God be with you till we meet again"

Jamba Juice

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Emma Family

We took Emma to try something new... it was of course Jamba Juice. A couple of weeks ago we were visiting Ben, Lonie and their family. While there they came up with the idea to go and get a smoothie. Emma's cousins where of course pretty excited and Emma was too as soon as she tried some of the goodness. It made Miss Emma a believer in Jamba Juice. Silly me thought that I could share my drink with this munchkin. Hahaha that was a funny idea. My little Girl drank up the juice so fast! Luckily for me she allowed me to sneak a few sips.

IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3482

She is such a silly little Duck. We had such a blast visiting Jake's Brother and his family. It was so cute watching Emma play with her two little cousins. One of the nights that we were there they took us to go and see a concert of a violinist and pianist. The best part was that is was outside. The weather was perfect for cuddling under a blanket as we watched the performance. Emma was so enthralled with the music that she didn't move a muscle except to clap and dance a little. My sister-in-law even made us all popcorn and treats to eat while there. She is simply the best! It was the perfect evening to spend with our family.

IMG_3500  IMG_3493 IMG_3503


I can't wait to get together with our family again and have more fun. What do you like to do with your family?

Why my Sisters will Disown me…

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My family is full of picky eaters. My sisters and I are probably the worst in the family.

Katie hates lettuce and pretty much vegetables of any kind.
Sarah hates anything to do with potatoes including french fries
I hate cheese unless it id mixed in food where I cannot taste it. Weird I know.

And we all do not like yucky green gunk (a.k.a avocado).... at least until recently...

I actually have been trying avocado again and I love it. Oh, how my sisters are going to shun me! But the "yucky green gunk" is actually good. I even bought a couple of avocados at the store the other day. It was definitely a first since I usually looked at them in disgust.

And dare I say that I now like most fruits and vegetables...
Who would of thought that the worlds most picky eater would become one of the most unpicky eater out of the family.

Hopefully my sisters will still love me enough to not disown me :)

PIcture Perfect

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A little known fact about our little family is that we have almost no family pictures of us all. Sad, right?!

It is my goal/dream to hire someone to take our family pictures professionally. After Pintrest Stocking all kinds of family photo ideas, I am ready to plaster my walls with cute family portraits. Until that day comes our frames get to satisfy themselves with our attempts at photography. (One day I will master my camera, I just know it)
We only had about ten minuets to have a little photo shoot (gotta love being married to a Grad student :) But I love the Photos we got. For once we have a picture of my little family. Now I just need to get it up on my wall. 

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