Emma’s Birthday Week Part 2

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A month late, but I finally got there. :)

A couple of days after Emma’s birthday my Mom and Dad come to visit. Emma loved having her Granny and Grampa here. And I loved that we were finally all healthy for their visit haha. We of course had to go on a few adventures while they were here, so off to the zoo we went. I have been to a handful of zoo’s in my life, and lets just say Sacramento Zoo did not make the top of my list. But that didn’t stop us from having fun!

The rest of the week was full parks, eating outside, chocolate, and family. A great combination if you ask me :) That weekend we finally had Emmas birthday party. I tried to keep it simple and cute. My mom helped me modify a  H&M dress that I found at Goodwill. (By helped, I mean did it herself haha) It was super cute on her, she looked like a little princess. I made a few banners for the occasion. A happy birthday banner and several tissue paper banners. I loved how quick everything came together, It made the day a lot more fun.

The food was what I was sweating over. lol! Most people would be happy with cake and ice cream, but not me. The party menu ended up so yummy that I might have had the same food several times since haha! We ended up making:

  • Zebra Popcorn
  • club sandwich skewers
  • fruit pizza cookie
  • veggies & dip
  • Semi homemade strawberry lemonade
  • Cake (can’t forget that one!)

It turned out perfect! The weather was perfect and spending the day with family was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better day for my sweet Emma.

Happy Birthday Little Miss Emma!

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