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Easter Continued…

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Church Easter Photography

I just love going to church on Easter Sunday. Growing up it was one of my favorite Sundays to go to church. My mom would put together a music program that the choir sung along with a little narration.The music program would take the place of the talks usually given. Although I am no longer in Idaho and attending church with my parents, I still love the messages that come across on Easter. It is a time for us all to refocus on the amazing gift of the atonement and the love our Savior has for us. I know that Christ came to earth and suffered all that I may return to live with my Father in Heaven. It it because of the atonement that I can repent of my weaknesses and be forgiven. Not only that but he knows and understands everything that I go through. The good and the bad. How amazing is that! How often we go through trials and at times feel completely alone. But we are not alone. Our Savior has felt every pain that we may go through. He understands and can help ease our burden if we just follow him. I came across this video the other day and I love it. If you have time, watch it, it is simply amazing.   On a different note, with all the business of Easter Sunday we went the whole day without taking a single picture of Emma in her Easter dress. So on Monday we went to our nearby park to take some family pictures. We had so much fun taking the photos. And I decided Jake has a natural talent in using our fancy camera. Most of mine like to turn out blurry, his not so much. One day I will learn how to use that thing :) I am just so glad that we were able to document Emma's first Easter. Now I cant wait to get some of the pictures printed off. We finally have a family picture that is frame worthy! Here is a little peek into a crazy amount of photos that we took. DSC_0179DSC_0158DSC_0199DSC_0249 DSC_0274 DSC_0394 Emma just loves her Daddy and her Daddy just can't get enough of his little girl. DSC_0407 DSC_0408 DSC_0409 DSC_0399DSC_0440 Our Family Photos <3 DSC_0453TickleFamilyLarge P.S~ I am so excited for tomorrow! The General Conference for my church starts. To learn more about my faith click here. To watch General Conference click here.  


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Easter Photography

IMG_2010I know Easter has been over for a little now, but I still just have to share what we have been up to because it was too much fun. On Friday we drove to Jake's parents home to start our festivities. I was so excited to spend Easter with them and Jake's brother Ben and his family. We decided to celebrate Easter over Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we were going to focus on the Easter bunny part, and on Sunday we were going to focus on Christ.(really this happened because we all had to leave on Sunday) Anyways that night we stayed up late dreaming (well me and my sister-in-law, Lonie, were dreaming) of going to Disney Land while eating rice crispy treats that were full of gummy bears. Since we were up so late we were able to help "The Easter Bunny" hide Easter eggs and set up the kids baskets. I loved seeing my nieces reaction to everything on Easter morning. See was so excited that the Easter bunny had come. She set straight off trying to find all the hidden eggs. She almost didn't notice all that was in her basket until we pointed it out to her. And she had some cool things in there! Emma loved her little book and stuff animal. And Jake and I loved the chocolate candy the Easter bunny left for us inside her basket :) Such a thoughtful bunny. IMG_1982 Emma's favorite part of the morning was playing with all the plastic eggs Riley had found. I think I am going to write a letter to the Easter bunny and tell him to only bring eggs for Emma next year lol! The rest of the day was spent blowing bubbles, playing bocci balls, running around on the grass, having a BBQ, and just enjoying being with family. It was a pretty awesome day. The only bummer was that Friday I got sick and I was not getting any better. Luckily I didn't let that ruin my weekend. Jake helped me out so much so that I could relax and get feeling better. Luckily for me I don't even look sick in the pictures. Yay! IMG_2013  IMG_1993   IMG_2020IMG_2014 

It really was the perfect weather to be out side. Emma and I had a blast playing on a big blanket. We tickled, hung upside down, help pluck the grass out of the ground, talked, sang songs, and played human jungle gym.... I was the jungle gym, Emma was the human ;) As we were playing, Jake ran inside and grabbed the camera. So now I have tons of pictures to document the moment. Here are some of my favorite.DSC_0138

DSC_0119 DSC_0120 DSC_0121  DSC_0112

Spring equals Easter Fun

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Easter Fun Activities

I am so excited that Spring is here. I love the nice fresh weather where I can spend my days outside exploring with Emma. One thing that I am looking forward to is Emma's first Easter. I just love coming up with different ideas to celebrate the Holiday. While I can't do everything that I dream about doing until she gets a little older, I thought I would share with you come fun Easter Ideas that you can do with your family. So for the next couple of weeks join me as we discover some fun ways to celebrate Easter with loved ones. First on my list is a must for Easter... Decorating Eggs of course!


How fun is it to dye Easter eggs with all sorts of designs and colors. There are two ways that I love to decorate eggs the most. Here is what you will need...
  • eggs
  • rubber band
  • crayons
  • color dye
First the rubber band eggs
  • Take your eggs ad wrap your rubber band on it. You can shift the band to make some cool designs.
  • Next dip the egg in the dye
  • Take the egg out and  pull the rubber band off and wala a crazy egg
Now for my favorite: The Crayon Egg
  • Pick a crayon to use and write/ draw anything you want to on the egg.
  • Next dip the egg in the dye
  • Pull the egg out and done.
I love putting little messages on the eggs this way. It is so fun to do his with kids and see what the come up with. My family made me this special egg a couple of years ago to say that they miss me. They are pretty silly.


I can't wait until I can dye eggs with Emma! What are some of your favorite Easter Traditions?      

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