Cute Hot Air Balloon Cards

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The super cute hot air balloon cards are done. I had so much fun making each and every one of these. There are not two of them that are exactly alike, I love that part. The cards were super easy to make which is a huge plus. It helped that I have a Cricut. That machine is seriously a life saver. It helped cut down the time it took to make the cute little hot air balloons. Like I said before, its super easy. Since I loved how it turned out so much, I am going to tell you how I made these lovely cards.


Here is what you need for one cute hot air balloon card…

3 three inch circles

buttons, brads, anything you want to use really


stamps (you could use stickers, or had write if you prefer)

cute paper



First cut you paper to make 5X7 cards (2 pieces for one card)

Next cut out your 3 circles. place a strip of glue in the middle of each circle and place them on top of each other. Pull/bend the sides of the circles up. It will give it the 3D effect.

Now cut out a square shape to use as the little basket and 4 pieces of ribbon.

Connect the circle with the basket by using the ribbon and glue them on the page (Put the ribbon under the basket and the circles. Then glue the basket and circles on the page. It will make the ribbon stay without getting your ribbon all sticky will glue)

Next cut a strip of paper to use as a saying on the front.

Now it is time to spruce up the card by adding the buttons onto the basket

Fill the strip of paper you previously cut with simple but cute saying. The saying I used was “off and away.” It seemed to fit the birthday party perfectly. I used stamps to complete this step, but you can use anything you want. The possibilities are endless.

Inside the Card (the next page of the card)

For the inside of the card I decided to keep it simple. So all I did was come up with acute poem (with the help of my husband) to invite people to come to Emma’s birthday party.

All I did was type this poem up on my computer and printed off on card stock. Super easy right!

Then to help everyone know whee we got her birthday theme from I printed off a quote from Dr.Seuss and placed it on the back on the second card.


Now for the last step. Connecting the two pieces together. I used my eyelets to do this. But it would be super cute to use brads or even ribbon to attach the two pieces of paper together.

These birthday cards turned out even better then I expected. I am getting more and more excited for Emma’s birthday party. Check back soon for a sneak peek of what I am doing for decorations.

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