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Books, Books, and more Books

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We love books over here. Over the years I have taken great pride in building my home library with amazing books my munchkins would love. My mom was awesome and would always come bearing a box full of books for me and my girls.

Over the years I have become very picky about what books I will buy. My standard is set high, I admit, I only want the best for my girls. Some things I look for are:

1. Great Quality. I want these books to last. Because lets face it, no matter how much you teach your children, accidents happen and books go through some crazy adventures! (Like, you know, that one time that Emma fell asleep and ate a book… yah, true story right there haha)

2. Great Illustrations. I want the pictures to be catching, to build my child’s imagination of what could be.

3. Educational. I love to learn and I love to watch my children learn and what better way then through books.

4. Great story line. As my child reads the books I want her to be swept away into another world. I want her to be able to put herself in someone else’s shoes and learn from them. But mainly I don’t want a pointless book.

With these standards in mind, I was so excited when I discoveredUsborne Books and More! I immediately feel in love with all their books and have been working on collecting as many books as I possibly can. My Poor Husband will soon have a house full of books instead of anything else lol!

So I am so excited to introduce you to these books over the next little while. I just know you will fall in love with them too!


If you are not familiar with Usborne Books and More feel free to look up my full catalog here.

Pre- Readers

Emma loves to learn about her ABC's and 123's. So anything that helps her in that department I am all over! And even though she is through the phase of eating her book (fingers crossed!) , I love that I don't have to be super worried with these books. These pages are so sturdy its awesome! They are super thick and feel so cool for little hands. I just wish I could jump through this computer to show you haha! So here are some of my top choices for beginner learners.

Big Book of Colors
Wipe Clean Alphabet
Lift-the-flap Shapes
First Word Book on the Farm
Very First Words

Math Fun

Emma loves counting everything from stairs to how many squares are on our rug. It has been to neat watching her learn how to count to ten and then to twenty! Now we are working on going up to thirty. So what better way to encourage her love of learning then sticking some fun counting books everywhere around the house!Plus there are some super cute books perfect for Lizzy too!

Any guesses what Emma's favorite is....

How Big is a Million
1,000 things to eat
Wipe Clean 123
Very First 123
123 Counting
1,000 things that Go

P.S If you guessed the Wipe Clean Counting, you would be correct! Hours and hours of fun right there!

There are so many more books that we have and love! If you have a subject that you want me to share comment and I will show you all the amazing books we have on your subject :)

Happy Reading!

A Good Read

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Jake and I have really grown to love the time we spend reading to each other. Its really funny how people can easily tell whose turn it is to pick out a book. I usually go for the fun read. Something that is entertaining and hard to put down. (Which is a good thing because my husband has never read "Harry Potter" or the "Hunger Games". Um Sad and Wrong... I think so) Jake on the other hand likes to pick out the doctrine type books or books that are non fiction. As we have taken turns picking out books to read, we have really grown to love both types of books (at least I have, Jake is still working on it :)
Anyways for Christmas Jake got me an amazing book!
This was such an inspirational read. Jake and I could not stop talking about the book for a long time after we read it. There is so much to learn from and glean from this book. I can't wait to read through it again and make notes in it. The funny thing is that it is written as a fictional book. It uses letters between friends to tell the story of friendship, love, conversion to the gospel, and overcoming personal struggles. If you ever need a good book to read I highly recommend this book. It is short and sweet and unforgettable.
Thank you wonderful husband for such an sweet Christmas gift.
P.S Have you seen this video? Jake and I have watch it countless times. It is so good and so true. If you have a couple of minuets you should give it a whirl :)

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