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Birthday Week Part 1

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birthday Emma

Can you believe it Emma is 3 years old! Where has time gone! It is crazy to look and back and see how much she has changed just in this past year. She is the sweetest, loving little girl I know... who also loves to go "Rrrroar" at you. She makes me laugh everyday and says the sweetest things to me. (The other day she gave me a big hug and told me she missed me, even though I was only away from her for a minute.)

To Celebrate our sweet Emma Jane's birthday we decided to keep it simple and fun... so we had a week long celebration hahaha!

We have been wanting to go check out Fairytale Town in our area for some time. So we figured why not for her birthday. We invited Emma's friend Jack and his family along for the fun. Jack (a.k.a Marci) was the best and got Emma some sunglasses her her birthday. She was obsessed! Haha it pretty much made her week.

Fairytale town was so much fun! It is pretty much like a glorified park. Each fairytale had a slide or animals, or play structure for the children. There was the crocked trail that went up and done and curved around. I think we followed the path at least 5 times. They even had the White Rabbits hole. The kiddos would race to slide down the hole then run back up to do it again. Jack little brother Phillip would often get trapped in the whole when all three of them would try to come down at the same time haha!

They even had a garden that the kids could go to and water the garden. Those poor plants! I have a feeling that Emma may have tried to drown them. She was just having to much fun using the watering can.

As we were leaving Fairytale Town, Emma came up to me and said "Mommy can I hold Jacks hand Please?" I then told her she had to ask Jack. So she promptly went over and said "Jack, hold your hand, Please?" Hahaha so we walked the rest of the way to the car with these two little friends holding hands the entire way. They crack me up so much. I just love how good of friends they are.

For lunch we asked Emma what she wanted to do. She surprised us all when she declared she wanted to go to Costco and have Samples. Not a Hot Dog, but Samples. LOL! I love how the simplest things make her happy. So of course we had to go to Costco and fulfill her wishes. That evening we had Pink pancakes for dinner. With Sprinkles! Best dinner ever hahaha! Emma was so excited. It is the only thing she has been asking for for her birthday. Then we packed up our bags and headed to Grama and Grampa's. When we got there they surprised us with a huge, yummy cake for Emma and Jake. (Jake's birthday is three days after Emma's) It was the perfect ending to the perfect birthday day!

Emma’s Birthday

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birthday Emma

Its long overdue, but I am finally getting around to writing about Miss Emma's birthday. It was a day full of family, food, laughter, and of course cake. I have to admit I couldn't wait to see Emma eat her cake and get frosting everywhere. It was the craziest, busiest, but best birthday that we could ask for. So many family members came out to celebrate Emma's big day. We started the day off by exploring the Farmers Market and getting the last few items needed for the party. We then came home and got the food out and everything ready to go. DSC_0097 DSC_0096 Then it was the dreaded waiting game. I hate waiting. So what to do while waiting. Why crochet, be silly, and in Emma's case give you the puppy dog eyes. Seriously how do you say No to that little face. DSC_0093 DSC_0100 But soon enough family started showing up, and kept showing up until our home was completely packed with people. If I counted right there was about 17 people in our tiny living room. Its a good thing we all love each other. Its not very often that both sides of our family has a chance to meet together. It was perfect having so many people who love Emma there with us. DSC_0107DSC_0131 DSC_0108 The rest of the party was full of eating, opening presents, laughing, and of course eating cake. It was so fun watching Emma with her other cousins. DSC_0162DSC_0106 DSC_0113  DSC_0147DSC_0164 DSC_0169  DSC_0171 I love that messy face. I think the cake was a success! And can I say that I am super proud of that cake. First time making a fondant cake whoo hoo. The whole party was super fun. After the party broke up, we ended the day by going to the park with my parents and grandparents. DSC_0237 DSC_0194 DSC_0201 It was the perfect celebration for the cutest little girl. I am so glad that so many family members traveled so far to celebrate with us. Now to start planning her next birthday... (just kidding ;) )

Cute Hot Air Balloon Cards

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birthday DIY

The super cute hot air balloon cards are done. I had so much fun making each and every one of these. There are not two of them that are exactly alike, I love that part. The cards were super easy to make which is a huge plus. It helped that I have a Cricut. That machine is seriously a life saver. It helped cut down the time it took to make the cute little hot air balloons. Like I said before, its super easy. Since I loved how it turned out so much, I am going to tell you how I made these lovely cards. IMG_2062 Here is what you need for one cute hot air balloon card... 3 three inch circles buttons, brads, anything you want to use really ribbon stamps (you could use stickers, or had write if you prefer) cute paper IMG_2078 Directions: First cut you paper to make 5X7 cards (2 pieces for one card) Next cut out your 3 circles. place a strip of glue in the middle of each circle and place them on top of each other. Pull/bend the sides of the circles up. It will give it the 3D effect. Now cut out a square shape to use as the little basket and 4 pieces of ribbon. Connect the circle with the basket by using the ribbon and glue them on the page (Put the ribbon under the basket and the circles. Then glue the basket and circles on the page. It will make the ribbon stay without getting your ribbon all sticky will glue) Next cut a strip of paper to use as a saying on the front. Now it is time to spruce up the card by adding the buttons onto the basket Fill the strip of paper you previously cut with simple but cute saying. The saying I used was "off and away." It seemed to fit the birthday party perfectly. I used stamps to complete this step, but you can use anything you want. The possibilities are endless. Inside the Card (the next page of the card) For the inside of the card I decided to keep it simple. So all I did was come up with acute poem (with the help of my husband) to invite people to come to Emma's birthday party. All I did was type this poem up on my computer and printed off on card stock. Super easy right! Then to help everyone know whee we got her birthday theme from I printed off a quote from Dr.Seuss and placed it on the back on the second card. IMG_2075 Now for the last step. Connecting the two pieces together. I used my eyelets to do this. But it would be super cute to use brads or even ribbon to attach the two pieces of paper together. These birthday cards turned out even better then I expected. I am getting more and more excited for Emma's birthday party. Check back soon for a sneak peek of what I am doing for decorations.

It’s a Hot Air Balloon Birthday

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birthday Emma

I can't believe it! Emma is turning ONE. It must be a trick. It couldn't have been almost a year ago that I had her. Time is just going by to fast. But, I have to admit that I am so excited for her birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest I am full of way to many ideas that I want to do for it. Its going to be great. I was going to wait until her birthday to do the grand reveal of her party, but then I thought why not bring you along on my adventure! So as I create and plan, I'll keep you in the loop. And if this makes you want to throw a party for a one year old,.... well its not my fault. I blame Pinterest ;) First up.. the Theme Okay so there are a million of ways that I could have gone with Emma's first birthday a3e0fc620bb8c7967d123c90a72763f4  4a09e16d82dd898f7efcf7495ca0b197 368cd918f40f1d6d3c6c5883a856dfe0 Tea Party                       Little Ballerina                                   Pinwheels How cute Emma would have been in a little tutu. Or it would have been so special to use her tea set that her Grandma gave her at my baby shower. And those Pinwheel are just too cute. I love the colors that they used! There were tons of other ideas that I came across beside these three. But what I loved most of all were all the Hot Air balloon ideas Here is what originally inspired me. 80060435f61971b4bd532a9b3312dde4 5122fce86998049784e69a9f19a8b2bb Source                                                 Source Are not those the cutest ideas ever! I am so in love with the little cake pops and the hot air balloon center piece. I love any excuse to pretend that I am going on a hot air balloon (its a dream of mine ...and I am sure Emma's) Ever since I saw these two pictures, I have been bursting with ideas. I am not sure two weeks is going to be enough time to make everything lol! Jake is getting excited about all my plans... I think that it is because I am doing a practice cake this weekend. Then again, I'm excited for the practice cake. It's going to be delicious. Between now and the Cake the goal is to finish all of Emma's hot air balloon birthday cards. They are turning out so cute. I can't wait to show them off. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. What would you do for a little girls first birthday?

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