Big Changes

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Big changes are happening around here. Life is certainly about to get more interesting! After 3 and a half years we are officially saying goodbye to California and moving to….

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Thats right! We are going back to school. And by we, I mean Jake. We are so excited to take this next step and have Jake get his MBA. This is going to be our first time living in Provo and we are so excited! With family and old friends living close by it is guaranteed to be a good time! So if you see a place to rent think of us ;)

While we looking forward to the big changes, it is definitely bittersweet. We have had so much fun in California. We have loved being close to Jake’s family and a couple of my family members. We have met so many amazing people out here that it will be sad to say goodbye. But I know that there are adventures waiting for us in this next chapter of our life.

Now I have to take a minute and just brag about my husband.


He is just simply amazing. He has worked so hard to get here and pulled many long hours. But throughout it all, he has made sure to keep our family his number one priority. I am just so proud of him and so grateful to have him as my husband. So here to two years of craziness ahead of us. There is no place else I would rather be.

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