And the baby is…

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And the baby is a GIRL!


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Last week I went to the doctors for my ultrasound appointment. This has to be be my absolute favorite doctor appointments that I have to go to. I have been counting down for this day for weeks! It was so fun seeing our little munchkin moving around, kicking, and wiggling her fingers. Jake wasn’t able to be there which was a bummer (hopefully we will have more exciting news soon!). So I had the technician write if it was a boy or a girl on one of the pictures so that we could find out together. I must admit this whole time we had been thinking that we were going to have a little boy. This pregnancy has been different then with Emma’s, so when we opened up the envelope we were shocked and excited to find out it was a girl. I can hardly wait! I get to have another amazing little girl to play with all the time. Emma is going to think we gave her a life size doll to dress up lol! This little munchkin of ours doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to have the best big sister ever!


Emma is slowly, I think, starting to realize that she is going to be a big sister. At least she loves to poke my belly and laughs when I say there is a baby in there. Of course she could just think that her Mom is one silly goose for saying there is something growing in her tummy hahahah.




We can hardly wait to meet this little girl of ours. Now the fun begins as we try to think of what to name her. Luckily we can agree on girl names a lot easier then boy. So far we love the names Elizabeth, Bailee, and Abigail just to name a few. We actually have a list of like ten names that we really like but nothing for sure. It will be fun to see what name wins out. So if you have any other amazing girl names feel free to throw them out there.




Emma had so much fun taking these gender reveal photos. She kept asking “again please” What little girl wouldn’t love to dance around in falling balloons and petals. Luckily for us we had an amazing friend come and take some photos for us so that Emma could play in the balloons a couple of times. Meredith you are the best!


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