A Good Read

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Jake and I have really grown to love the time we spend reading to each other. Its really funny how people can easily tell whose turn it is to pick out a book. I usually go for the fun read. Something that is entertaining and hard to put down. (Which is a good thing because my husband has never read “Harry Potter” or the “Hunger Games”. Um Sad and Wrong… I think so) Jake on the other hand likes to pick out the doctrine type books or books that are non fiction. As we have taken turns picking out books to read, we have really grown to love both types of books (at least I have, Jake is still working on it :)

Anyways for Christmas Jake got me an amazing book!
This was such an inspirational read. Jake and I could not stop talking about the book for a long time after we read it. There is so much to learn from and glean from this book. I can’t wait to read through it again and make notes in it. The funny thing is that it is written as a fictional book. It uses letters between friends to tell the story of friendship, love, conversion to the gospel, and overcoming personal struggles. If you ever need a good book to read I highly recommend this book. It is short and sweet and unforgettable.
Thank you wonderful husband for such an sweet Christmas gift.
P.S Have you seen this video? Jake and I have watch it countless times. It is so good and so true. If you have a couple of minuets you should give it a whirl :)


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