Questival Sneak Peek!!!

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Fun Activities

Okay so far this weekend has been crazy, fun, and hilarious!!! The Questival has definitely been amazing!

Here is a little sneak peek of what we have been up to. A full post  will be up soon. Promise!

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Life is to be enjoyed

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Oh my goodness, life has definitely been an adventure lately. The past several weeks have been filled with great joy and great disappointments. Just to name a few examples, we have found out that my sister and her husband are officially adopting (happy dance time!!!) And we get to meet the birth mom really soon, I can't wait!!! My other sister is pregnant with a BOY!!! Lets just say this is huge news since we have mainly nieces lol! We have also found out that Jake's Grandpa is not doing very good at all and only has a short time left here on earth. We have also learned that we can plan and scheme all we want for our future, but sometimes we are wrong and God knows better. But isn't it an amazing thing to know that if we just follow in faith, Heavenly Father will lead us to where we need to go, even if it is not necessarily our dream plan. Its such a blessing and comfort to know that God has something bigger and better planned for us.

After dealing with so many up and down emotions for so long I decided that Jake and I needed a break. So I took him on a surprise date. Thank goodness it was one of my better dates lol!

Side Note: I can plan a killer at home date. Seriously, we have gone camping, had  game nights, danced, and lots of fondue and have done several other crazy things at home... but lets just say my track recored of planning a date out on the town could be improved hahah.

Thank goodness our go to baby sitter was available last minute. She brought her sister with her to join the fun and can I just say they are amazing and my girls love them so much!

"Love is meant

to be

an adventure."

-Gorden B. Hinckley

So to start our date off we headed down to downtown Provo. It is such a fun place to go and walk around and explore. We ended up trying our very first Kronut (It really is delicious!)

Then after exploring all the random shops... and I mean random lol!... we headed down to a Restaurant called Bom Bay House. Its this really nice Indian Restaurant. And guys, it was so good!!! I have never really had Indian food before and when I ordered I had no idea what I was getting, or how to pronounce it hahah. But whatever I ordered was simply delicious and full of yummy flavors. I think I need to learn how to make Indian food now....

Anyways after stuffing ourselves full of food we ended the night going to Iceberg and getting these ginormous shakes (but really they are huge!!! Just get the mini, its like the same size as the large. You won't regret it!) and the we went home to sleeping kiddos and had a Physic Marathon.

So our date wasn't super fancy or crazy, ut it was just what we needed and perfect for us. It was so fun to wonder around following our noise and trying whatever we wanted. The only thing I wish is that I snapped some pictures of us. We ended up leaving my phone with the baby sitters. And Jake was pretty excited that he didn't have to wait to eat his food until I took a picture of it ;)

Our fun didn't end there either. On Saturday we continued the fun and had a family day out. Have you ever been to a Rugby game? If you haven't you need to put it on your bucket list. It is so crazy to watch. They are tackling one minute, in a huge huddle the next, jumping up super high, and steamrolling over people the next. I think it has become my new favorite sport to watch haha. Now just to figure out the rules and what everything is called.

What was super helpful was there was a family behind us that loved to comment on everything the entire game. I'll be honestly, normally it wouldn't have been my favorite thing in the world, but this time I was like, keep on talking. Tell me whats going on or why that just happend. And did you know that our team is ranked #1? Thats right, we are champions! Go Cougars!!!

So after a much needed fun weekend, I am ready to tackle this week. Bring the crazy adventures, the ups and downs! I know that with my family at my side and with God in the lead I can face anything that come our way. Especially when there are so many moments of joy and laughter along the way.

"Life is to be enjoyed

and not just endured."

-Gorden B. Hinkley

Once there was a pig…

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Once there was a pig... and it was huge! And it was best friends with a kangaroo next door. True story! Last week we went to a super fun Pumpkin patch here in Utah. My friends told me that I was about to see the biggest pig ever, I didn't believe them until I saw it. That pig was crazy huge!!! Emma got such a kick out seeing the big Bertha of a pig. Paisley (The little girl I nanny for now) just kept laughing and pointing at it.

Although the pig was cool, my favorite by far was the Kangaroo! I am now trying to convince Jake that we need one when we finally have his hobby farm that he desires. I think it is a great compromise. He gets cows and chickens and I get a kangaroo and goats haha.

But seriously, have you ever petted a kangaroo? They are so soft and cuddly. I love it. This guy in particular LOVED to be petted. That little animal made my day!

Emma, I think, could have stayed at the pumpkin patch all day long! Between the huge slide they had and the corn pit, this girl was in heaven. Sadly though, Lizzy loved it until she got too cold (we happened to have picked the coldest day to go) So when the 11 month old screams  says it is time to go, its time to go haha. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

P.S The corn pit was So. Much. Fun!!!


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Everyday we are faced with choices. Choices like what we are going to wear, what we are going to eat, all the way to what we are going to do during the day and how we should parent. Lately life seems to be so full of chocies that I just wanted to snuggle up in my couch, pretend I am a kid again, and do absolutely nothing. Haha, sadly life doesn't really work like that.

Too often I get caught up in being Super Mom. I think that I should be able to do everything and be everywhere. I am so afraid to say no and admit that there is something that I can't do. Oh, you would think that I would learn. I do have so many goals and dreams for me and my little family, but I need to remember that I don't have to do everything all at once. I have to make a choice, either I can run my family around and try to be super mom, or I can just do my best and be a super mom in the eyes of my children. I am trying really hard to do the later.

"As you create a home, don't get distracted with a lot of things that have no meaning for you or your family. Don't dwell on your failures, but think about your successes. Have joy in your home. Have joy in your children. Have joy in your husband. Be grateful
for the journey."

-Marjorie Pay Hinckley

So I am trying to be better. I am trying to make the right choices for my family. Choices that keeps me involved, keeps me progressing, keeps me being a good wife, and keeps me being the best mom that I can be.

So I am still going to craft, still like Pinterest way too much, still get together with friends, still go to the Library, still work, still laugh, still cuddle and read, still be me.

But I think I am finally figuring out that there really is moderation in all things. So here is to taking life just a little bit slower. Enjoying my children's smiles and little bit more, and making sure cuddle time is on our to do list everyday. And enjoying the little moments that happen each and everyday!

(Have I mentioned I love being a mom?... Best. Job. Ever)

Books, Books, and more Books

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We love books over here. Over the years I have taken great pride in building my home library with amazing books my munchkins would love. My mom was awesome and would always come bearing a box full of books for me and my girls.

Over the years I have become very picky about what books I will buy. My standard is set high, I admit, I only want the best for my girls. Some things I look for are:

1. Great Quality. I want these books to last. Because lets face it, no matter how much you teach your children, accidents happen and books go through some crazy adventures! (Like, you know, that one time that Emma fell asleep and ate a book… yah, true story right there haha)

2. Great Illustrations. I want the pictures to be catching, to build my child’s imagination of what could be.

3. Educational. I love to learn and I love to watch my children learn and what better way then through books.

4. Great story line. As my child reads the books I want her to be swept away into another world. I want her to be able to put herself in someone else’s shoes and learn from them. But mainly I don’t want a pointless book.

With these standards in mind, I was so excited when I discoveredUsborne Books and More! I immediately feel in love with all their books and have been working on collecting as many books as I possibly can. My Poor Husband will soon have a house full of books instead of anything else lol!

So I am so excited to introduce you to these books over the next little while. I just know you will fall in love with them too!


If you are not familiar with Usborne Books and More feel free to look up my full catalog here.

Pre- Readers

Emma loves to learn about her ABC's and 123's. So anything that helps her in that department I am all over! And even though she is through the phase of eating her book (fingers crossed!) , I love that I don't have to be super worried with these books. These pages are so sturdy its awesome! They are super thick and feel so cool for little hands. I just wish I could jump through this computer to show you haha! So here are some of my top choices for beginner learners.

Big Book of Colors
Wipe Clean Alphabet
Lift-the-flap Shapes
First Word Book on the Farm
Very First Words

Math Fun

Emma loves counting everything from stairs to how many squares are on our rug. It has been to neat watching her learn how to count to ten and then to twenty! Now we are working on going up to thirty. So what better way to encourage her love of learning then sticking some fun counting books everywhere around the house!Plus there are some super cute books perfect for Lizzy too!

Any guesses what Emma's favorite is....

How Big is a Million
1,000 things to eat
Wipe Clean 123
Very First 123
123 Counting
1,000 things that Go

P.S If you guessed the Wipe Clean Counting, you would be correct! Hours and hours of fun right there!

There are so many more books that we have and love! If you have a subject that you want me to share comment and I will show you all the amazing books we have on your subject :)

Happy Reading!

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